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Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Clinic Is Open (NYT)

there's no haircut crisis

there's no food crisis

there's no housing crisis if you don't live in a rent-controlled city

why are there none of these?

because there's no tax deduction for any of them.

you pay for them yourself.

so you weigh what you prefer for your money, and don't patronize overpriced services.

magically, overpriced services disappear.

the health care crisis comes from WWII, when health benefits were declared tax free. suddenly your employer could buy health care cheaper than you could. enter third party payers, and lack of market correction.

it snowballs because the higher prices go, the fewer people can afford to be without having somebody else pay for it, and more and more get sucked into this economically unstable system.

solution : make health care a taxable benefit.

stop doing what can't work.

Innovative as they are, office and factory infirmaries will hardly solve the nation's entrenched health care crisis.


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