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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Warriors Home in Washington (NYT)

Actually people don't care much ; and the soldier who goes to war in the expectation he will be owed stuff has made the wrong calculation.

He goes to war because it's his duty, because of high character, not to get stuff from other people.

And mostly, veterans are in fact forgotten, which preserves the gift that they give to us as their gift.

As to lines and waiting, there's no indignity in queues. It's more efficient than no-waiting operations by far. Which means that other stuff can be done for the same money, so long as the operation is still functional.

You're not honored for dying or getting wounded; you're honored for hearing the call of duty and going.

That's the movement of ethics in general : hearing and answering a call.

Higher priority, for example, is tax cuts.

Not for politicians, though. Scapegoat theater and high posturing for the soap opera women who are the audience for this crap.

There can be no higher home-front priority than swiftly dealing with the shameful conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.


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