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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Emotion Without Thought in New Hampshire (NYT)

Hey it's only 40% of women.

Soap women also are the sole support of the news biz, all soap all the time; for they are the only group that will tune in day in and day out, news or no news, so long as there is soap opera, and thus whose eyes can be sold to advertisers.

Which politicians trade on, and which edits every public debate on everything.

There is, in the primaries, nothing to think about, as a result, even if you're a guy. Everything is for the grand soap opera story line.

Above all, soap must be treated as serious news. Breaking the curtain is forbidden. The gimmick is saying ``You are serious people'' to soap opera fans.

See the ancient NYT article Diana's Death Resonates With Women in Therapy to explain the dynamics.

The truth is that women follow their interests, just as men do, but their interests differ. They are not men.

In a neighborhood setting, this is positive : women empathize with and help the neighbors. In a mass communication market, their neighbors are whoever are the story of the day, and their empathizing helps nobody but themselves as a sort of pornography ; and helps the advertisers of course.

Women's virtue is traded on and makes them dysfunctional instead.

The fix is to ridicule these women and make that advertising market disappear.

by Judith Warner

I don’t for a moment begrudge Hillary her victory on Tuesday. But if victory came for the reasons we’ve been led to believe – because women voters ultimately saw in her, exhausted and near defeat, a countenance that mirrored their own – then I hate what that victory says about the state of their lives and the nature of the emotions they carry forward into this race. I hate the thought that women feel beaten down, backed into a corner, overwhelmed and near to breaking point, as Hillary appeared to be in the debate Saturday night. And I hate even more that they’ve got to see a strong, smart and savvy woman cut down to size before they can embrace her as one of their own.


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