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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bush Professes No Doubts on Iraq (WP)

actually a story about media yammer that bush has failed to go along with

this particular yammer plays on hyperbolic doubt - doubt about something that was sought out in order to produce doubt, but itself is of no interest

``how do you know it's a ball of wax? you don't see all of it. at most you see only the front surface...''

doubt in fact is based on interest, and comes up as part of ordinary planning and execution and adaptation. so interest is put out of action first by the media, to produce swarming doubt, doubt about everything.

bush failed to go along.

President Bush said today that if he had any doubts about U.S. success in Iraq, he would pull out U.S. troops immediately. But he said he harbors no such doubts, and he indicated that there would be no "complete withdrawal" while he remains president.


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