``I must give him his due. He has considerably cretinized me.'' Lautréamont

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Time Magazine to Hand Over Reporter Notes

the chilling effect genre

The magazine said the high court's action will have "a chilling effect" on journalists' work but that Time had no choice but to comply.

Winner to Pay $351G for Lunch With Buffett

house of cheese

The winning bidder can take seven friends to lunch with Buffett in Omaha or New York at a mutually agreeable date, time and restaurant.

Jackson Calls for Black-Hispanic Coalition

pick-up line

"While some were picking beans, some were picking cotton, but we were both being picked on," he said in front of Little Rock Central High School, where integration in 1957 was the first major test of the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education ruling three years earlier.

US House lashes out at high court property ruling

something she heard some man say once somewhere

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, criticized the effort, saying, "Very central in that Constitution is the separation of powers."

Firefighters Struggle Against Ariz. Blaze

fire is the avalanche news of the warmer months

PHOENIX -- Firefighters cleared brush and dug containment lines Thursday as they tried to stop a wildfire burning in central Arizona from reaching four nearby communities and forests weakened by tree-killing beetles.

Minn. Government Shuts Down Over Budget

they don't shut down government restrooms

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Minnesota's government shut down for the first time in state history Friday, forcing as many as 9,000 layoffs and closing highway rest stops over the July Fourth weekend.

Lightning Kills Ohio Inmate Near Prison

electrocution not entirely replaced

The inmates were playing softball when the lightning struck, said Tim Brunsman, warden at the Chillicothe Correctional Institution.

Magazine Weighs Turning Notes Over to Feds

poll shows most support jailing just for being such liberal wienies

WASHINGTON -- Time magazine is considering turning over to federal prosecutors notes from a reporter who says he'll go to jail rather than divulge sources about the leak of an undercover CIA officer's name.

Police Briefly Evacuate the U.S. Capitol

why there are ``off'' switches

Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, said Capitol Police notified senators' offices: "This is an emergency message ... Capitol Police are tracking unidentified aircraft."

Democrat Says Deal Near on Ethics Panel

large $ contribution breaks ethics stalemate

The evenly divided committee has been unable to hire staff and conduct investigations this entire year because of partisan bickering, with the latest disagreement about the role of Hastings' chief of staff in committee business.

Pa. House Session Halted After Slurs Fly

pc formalized, or swimming upstream against a strong nobody-cares current

In response, Rep. John Myers accused Yewcic of espousing "a belligerent, racist doctrine."

"I think that those type of remarks would come from a cracker," Myers said, using a derogatory term for a poor, white person.

Prisoner Details Bogus Tax-Return Scheme

political handouts to people who can't vote

"Tax fraud in any form is unacceptable and illegal," said the subcommittee chairman, Rep. Jim Ramstad, R-Minn. "But it is particularly outrageous when it is committed by prison inmates while they are behind bars."

House GOP Propose Own Social Security Plan

the if-everybody-stands-on-their-toes-everybody-can-see-better reasoning

In a bill they expect to vote upon by autumn, House GOP leaders propose to "stop the raid" on surplus Social Security funds by depositing bonds equal to the extra money in private investment accounts linked to workers under age 55.

Service Provides Legal Help to Indians

lawyers tap into another fund

"There is an appalling need for legal services to the poor everywhere in the country," said Jimmy Morris of Richmond, Va., president of the American College of Trial Lawyers. "But it is particularly acute among Native Americans."

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Fourth of July Fireworks Take Human Toll

it's funny until somebody loses a hand or an eye. then it's still funny, but just not around that person.

"The best way parents can keep their children safe this Fourth of July is never allow young children to ignite or handle fireworks of any kind," CPSC Chairman Hal Stratton said in a statement.

Mass. Woman's Disappearance Still Unsolved

whoa! reaching way back for woman-in-peril story. aruba is played out.

TAUNTON, Mass. -- A few faded yellow ribbons can still be found near Memorial Park, where Debbie Melo played as a child, and along the highway where she was last seen. And Melo's family still puts up missing posters with her picture, hoping that someone will remember seeing her and report the information to police.

But the family feels no closer to finding her than they did the day she disappeared: June 20, 2000.

"It's heart-wrenching knowing that we don't have anything to go on. We don't have any type of closure, nowhere to go visit when we are thinking of her. All we can do is say a prayer," said Patty DeMoura, Melo's younger sister.

Hopes Dim for Missing Boy Scout in Wyo.

on to the next boy scout! not much bathos in this one

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. -- He'd been so excited about the trip to Yellowstone National Park _ camping under the stars, hiking in the mountains, hanging out with his buddies and fellow Boy Scouts.

But what was supposed to have been a fun trip for 13-year-old Luke Sanburg has turned into a tragic ordeal for his family. Luke was feared drowned Monday, three days after falling into the brisk, fast-moving Yellowstone River and being swept toward a rapid.

No Retirement Announcements at High Court

Rehnquist death watch begins

The chief justice, who has a trachea tube, had difficulty as he announced the final ruling of the term, his opinion that upheld a Ten Commandments display in Texas. His breathing was labored, and he kept the explanation short.

Firefighters in Utah Hold Back Wildfire

inland shark attack genre

NEW HARMONY, Utah, -- Firefighters aided by an air tanker worked through the night to successfully hold back a 10,000-acre fire licking at the edges of a southwestern Utah development.

Wal-Mart Heir John Walton Dies in Crash

cleanup in aisle three

"I think all you can say is he was just a good man and today, you grieve," Jay Allen, Wal-Mart senior vice president of corporate affairs, told The Morning News of Springdale.

Monday, June 27, 2005

House OKs Little Rock Desegregation Coin

put sacagawia on it

WASHINGTON -- The House moved Monday to mark the 50th anniversary of desegregation at Little Rock Central High School with a commemorative silver coin.

Shark Attacks 2nd Teen Off Fla. Panhandle

long summer ahead for news consumers

Florida averaged more than 30 shark attacks a year from 2000 to 2003, but there were only 12 attacks off the state's coast last year, according to figures compiled by the American Elasmobranch Society and the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Hispanic Leader Visits Migrant Workers

good he wasn't in intercourse, pa

HOPE, Ark. -- The president of the nation's largest Hispanic civil rights organization on Monday offered words of hope to migrant workers in the community he often visited with his family as a child in the 1950s.

Indian Tribe Sues to Regain Land in Ohio

try raids and scalping

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- An Indian tribe sued Monday to regain about 150 square miles of Ohio that it says was illegally taken in 19th century treaties.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Plane With Knife on Board Returns to Ill.

idiocy in charge everywhere news

CHICAGO -- An American Airlines flight that had taken off on a flight to Rome returned to O'Hare International Airport because a passenger found a small knife on board, an airline spokeswoman said Sunday.

Scorching Temperatures Hit Northeast

a convergence of hysterics, hand-wringers and busybodies

Temperatures also reached a high of 91 degrees in Cleveland, where officials tested a new system to warn seniors to keep cool. An automated telephone system dialed the homes of more than 57,000 residents 65 and older, who are especially susceptible to the heat.

Obama's Stand Against Patriot Act Cheered

the librarian party

CHICAGO -- To the cheers of thousands of librarians, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama on Saturday called for the Senate to rewrite the USA Patriot Act to prevent investigators from scanning library records and bookstore sales slips.

Four Children Among Six Dead in Ariz. Home

the classic news format : Domestic mishaps : X dead including Y children. Foreign mishaps : X dead including Y Americans. The audience hook works best that way.

YUMA, Ariz. -- Police were searching for a man seen running from a home where six people, including four children, were killed in western Arizona.

High Court to End Term With Big Decisions

non-news news headline escalation

WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court ends its work Monday with the highest of drama: an anticipated retirement, a ruling on the constitutionality of government Ten Commandments displays and decisions in other major cases.

Cause of St. Louis Fire, Blasts Probed

complete-mystery news

ST. LOUIS -- Authorities on Saturday searched for what caused a chain of explosions at an industrial plant that sent huge fireballs shooting into the sky and forced neighbors to evacuate.

A team from the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board was leading the probe, one day after the explosions at the Praxair Inc. facility where propane and other gases are processed for industrial use.

Retired Verizon Exec Gordon to Lead NAACP

street talk express

"People of color need to change and balance the trade deficit that exists between people of color and the rest of society," Gordon said.

NASA: Risk of Ice Striking Shuttle Low

launch ratings bonanza expected

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- NASA officials believe the risk of potentially lethal pieces of ice flying off the external fuel tank and striking the space shuttle is low enough to proceed with plans for a mid-July launch of Discovery.

L.A. Sheriff Condemns Killing of Deputy

law disrespected

MONTEREY PARK, Calif. -- Los Angeles County's sheriff said Saturday the killing of a deputy during a gang investigation shows that gang violence in southern California is out of control.

Fire Crews Battles Blazes Across Southwest

renewable consumption news

Elsewhere, firefighters continued to battle blazes in California, Arizona and Nevada that have already consumed more than 200,000 acres in recent days.

Music Promoter Who Launched Joplin Dies

music promoter escapes

"It was a beautiful death," said his wife Judy Davis. "It was a goodbye party. We all sang to him and told stories. He died as he lived _ surrounded by love."

Graham Winds Up Six Decades of Revivals

DNR bracelet noticed

The world-renowned preacher, meanwhile, has appeared upbeat and has made no direct reference to saying goodbye.

Shark Kills 14-Year-Old Girl in Florida

shark hype returns every fourth summer, if it's not a locust year

DESTIN, Fla. -- A 14-year-old girl died Saturday after a shark attacked her while she and a companion were swimming in the Gulf of Mexico off the Florida Panhandle, authorities said.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Searchers Look for Missing Scout in Wyo.

not much appeal on this scout of the week, no possibility of child molester, but nice try.

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. -- Dozens of searchers Saturday looked for a 13-year-old Boy Scout who came here with his troop and fell into the fast-moving Yellowstone River.

Hawaiian Pets Gain Right of Inheritance

in july, oh my killjoy johnny, i'll look in upon my jumpy polo pony up in hilly honolulu

HONOLULU -- The audience was eager for the governor to put pen to paper. Some drooled. Catching the spirit of excitement, a few even lost control and barked. Canines of all sizes and a spotted rabbit named Roxy were among those gathered Friday at the Capitol to watch Gov. Linda Lingle sign into law a measure that allows residents to leave a trust for the care of their dog, cat, or other domestic animal.

Spy Plane Pilot Could Have Retired in 2005

note of bathos added for female audience

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Maj. Duane W. Dively could have retired at the beginning of this year, but he decided to stay on in the military because he loved being a pilot.

Air Traffic Controllers Covered Up Errors

woman troubles

The investigation by the Office of Special Counsel, an independent government agency, was prompted by whistle-blower Anne Whiteman, an air traffic controller at the radar approach control.

Gas Station Owner Cashes in 1.4M Pennies

where the sasquatch dollars went

Coinstar spokesman George White said the company's research and U.S. Census data indicate that coins worth more than $10 billion are sitting idle in American homes.

Supreme Court Retirements Unpredictable

non-news news

With only a few days before the term ends on Monday, most of the speculation this year has focused on the retirement prospects of Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, who has cancer and is 80, although the name of 75-year-old Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is often mentioned as well.

Lawyer in Assassination Plot in Catch 22

not a catch 22 reported as a catch 22

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Prosecutors in the case against an alleged al-Qaida member charged with plotting to assassinate President Bush have evidence that could help the defendant, and they want to hand it over. But they can't.

That's because his lawyer still lacks the necessary security clearances, four months after the charges were brought.

Panhandler Battle Takes on Racial Tone

panhandler, speaking in generalities, uses the street term ``affordable housing''

Kenneth Strozier, a 46-year-old panhandler sitting in the park across from Nader's restaurant, said: "I understand people don't want to be bothered, but what are we going to do? We got no affordable housing, for one thing. This new law or whatever isn't going to change it."

Ashcroft Gone, Justice Statues Disrobe

paradise lost, another nominative absolute

The drapes, installed in 2002 at a cost of $8,000, allowed then-Attorney General John Ashcroft to speak in the Great Hall without fear of a breast showing up behind him in television or newspaper pictures.

Group Estimates Potential Flu Death Toll

non-disaster disaster news

WASHINGTON -- More than a half-million people could die and more than 2.3 million could be hospitalized if a moderately severe strain of pandemic flu virus hits the United States, a research group said Friday.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes

modern medicine result : court survives into senility

WASHINGTON -- Cities may bulldoze people's homes to make way for shopping malls or other private development, a divided Supreme Court ruled Thursday, giving local governments broad power to seize private property to generate tax revenue.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Solar-sail spacecraft undetected on planned orbit


That was followed by over two hours of radio silence as mission organizers, operating from the Planetary Society's bungalow in Pasadena, California, attempted to track the orbiter's expected path across the Pacific and then back over Europe.

Another portable tracking station in the Marshall Islands was also unable to detect the craft's passage about a half hour after takeoff, backers said.

The spacecraft was also not detected by permanent ground tracking stations in Alaska, the Czech Republic or by two stations outside Moscow, they said.

Jim Cantrell, project operations manager for Cosmos 1, said it was possible the Russian missile had put the spacecraft into an orbit that was not the planned trajectory, accounting for the apparent absence of the craft.

"It was not where we told them it would be," he said of the tracking stations. "It was very possible that they did not see it and it went by them."

The project started as a dream held by Planetary Society founders Carl Sagan, the late science fiction writer, Bruce Murray and Louis Friedman, who proposed sending a solar-sail craft to rendezvous with Halley's Comet in the 1970s.

Senate approves weaker, voluntary climate plan

rising oceans feed leftist science, completing the cycle

It would not cap U.S. emissions of carbon, which are linked to the global warming blamed for melting polar ice caps and rising oceans.

Mass. Trees Attacked by Two Moth Species

trees, the other white meat

BOSTON -- The destruction is obvious through much of southeastern Massachusetts: Trees stripped of their leaves dot the landscape, leaving mostly brown and gray where green once was. Many of the leaves that have managed to withstand the attack bear evidence of the assault _ tiny bite marks and nibbles.

Alaska Natives Push for More Toxin Studies

unsuited for today's overfed and obese indian

Federal standards for measuring harmful levels of contaminants are based on the number of fish meals that would sicken a 160-pound white male.

Lobbying Heats Up As Climate Vote Nears

dunking bird and crooke radiometer subsidy

The provisions include new tax credits to buy gas-electric hybrid cars, solar panels and energy-efficient appliances and to build energy-efficient homes. It also includes tax incentives for the biodiesel, clean coal and nuclear industries.

Programming Jobs Losing Luster in U.S.

then you're okay until they fire the dead wood

"If you're only interested in deep coding and you want to remain in your cubicle all day, there are a shrinking number of jobs for you," said Diane Morello, Gartner vice president of research. "Employers are starting to want versatilists _ people who have deep experience with enterprise-wide applications and can parlay it into some larger cross-company projects out there."

Has Iowa's Pork Queen Become Endangered?

can a hopeless cripple find soap-opera happiness marrying an elderly amnesiac? no

the pointless question genre

But pork queen supporters say the position is all about tradition _ a bright, personable young woman who understands the ins and outs of raising hogs and can speak knowledgeably about one of the state's major industries.

Black Pastors: Much Has Changed in America

this calls for a petroglyph

"Yesterday and today, they are different days," said Robert Anderson, president of the African American Fellowship of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of Colonial Baptist Church in Randallstown, Md.

Sierra Nevada Growth to Bring Congestion

easing overcrowding elsewhere

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The population of the Sierra Nevada could triple in the next 35 years, threatening many of the mountain range's Gold Rush-era towns with sprawl, gridlock and pollution, according to a report released Tuesday.

Bush Faces Decision on Bolton Nomination

stark choice genre : paper or plastic

WASHINGTON -- President Bush faces a politically thorny situation _ and stark choices _ now that Senate Democrats twice have blocked John Bolton's confirmation as U.N. ambassador.

Eleanor Mondale Diagnosed With Cancer

celebrity disease genre

Mondale spoke to the newspaper just hours before she began her first session of radiation and chemotherapy at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Just a week ago, Mondale married local rock star Chan Poling.

Mich. American Indian Carvings in Danger

early casino

Although the specific meaning of the swirls, lines, handprints, flying birds and bow-wielding men depicted in the carvings remains the subject of debate, experts say the petroglyphs, and their location, were significant to the Indians that traveled to the spot.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Climate change gains crucial ally in U.S. Senate

the left-wing science soap-opera news axis makes its move

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate's top Republican energy bill negotiator, risking a break with the White House over the global warming issue, on Friday said the United States must act to curb heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

Woman Dumped Into Rear of Garbage Truck

malingerer collection day

Cobb, who said she's unemployed because of a bad back, said she doesn't collect cans unless she needs gas money.

Cops Raid Wrong Duplex With Noise Device

they're more into sharpshooters

Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms officials assisted.

Second Helicopter Crashes in NYC in 4 Days

inflatable neckties

Witness Thomas Overby, 48, said the helicopter appeared to take off normally before something went wrong. Once it hit the water, Overby spotted men in business suits screaming "Help!" as they bobbed in the river.

Probes Begin in 2 NYC Helicopter Crashes

fishers of men

NEW YORK -- Federal safety officials are faced with twin investigations in the crashes of two helicopters that plunged into the East River within minutes of taking off this past week.

A total of 15 people survived the two crashes. One remained in critical condition Saturday.

"We're casting a big net right now," National Transportation Safety Board air safety investigator Brian Rayner said Saturday at a news conference.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Calif. Scientists Plan to Kill Barred Owls

theoretically, barred owls will evolve to resemble spotted owls, in reaction

ARCATA, Calif. -- Federal scientists are planning to shoot a small number of barred owls they say are crowding out the threatened spotted owl in northern California _ an experiment that could lead to killing thousands of the larger owls on the West Coast.

LA Mayor-Elect Says Dems Must Talk Family

sincerity is everything

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Democrats must talk more about family values if they want to keep the support of Latino voters, Los Angeles' newly elected mayor said Wednesday.

Man Nabbed After 140 Mph Motorcycle Chase

license concept difficulty suggested

Rodriguez was wanted on an arrest warrant for a previous speeding ticket, she said, adding that he held two suspended drivers licenses.

Woman Sends Crude Message After Pay Error

profanity guessing game story : ``asshole'' makes the most sense in context.

It went on to say that the commission had called the prosecutor and public defender a profanity and claimed that "monkeys could do our jobs."

Sen. Durbin Stands by Guantanamo Remarks

the apologize template invoked

CHICAGO -- Sen. Dick Durbin refused to apologize Wednesday for comments he made on the Senate floor comparing the actions of American soldiers at Guantanamo Bay to Nazis, Soviet gulags and a "mad regime" like Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot's in Cambodia.

Idaho Fitness Center Manager Wins $220.3M

loser-is-winner story for the loser audience of the loser today show

Brad Duke, 33, did not make his name public after winning the drawing last month. However, his name was reported on the Web sites of two Boise television stations Wednesday. He is scheduled to appear on NBC's "Today" show Thursday.

Chronic Insomnia Baffles Sleep Experts

the seven warning signs of a press release

Two things are clear, the panel found: Chronic insomnia is a major public health problem.

Aruban Police Search Home of Dutch Teen

the garbage bags are to symbolize the news. the cars are because they can.

Police carried away the results of their search in several garbage bags and towed two cars.

Some Members of House Have Fallback Jobs

the hand-to-mouthed

Financial disclosure forms released Wednesday described the deep-pocketed, the politicians existing on salary alone and the well-traveled.

House Leaders See Need for Ethics Process

more fiber

She called on Republicans to get the ethics process moving.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Mogul's Literacy Program Pays Off in Miss.

split-infinitive die-hard takes charge

But Claiborne Barksdale acknowledged: "You have so many children come in who have not been exposed to books and words. We cannot expect schools to transform magically children who have been neglected the first five years of their lives."

Endangered Condors Soar Over Grand Canyon

in short, buzzards

The birds, which have dull orange featherless heads with a stubby beak and dark body feathers, were reintroduced in the wild in Arizona starting in 1996. What began with the release of six birds 50 miles north of here has led to a flock of 53, including some of the first wild-born condors since the early 1980s.

Cheney: No Plans to Shut Guantanamo Prison

the hammer-away genre : our story is the story

Some Republican lawmakers say problems over the prison itself and allegations of mistreatment there should cause the administration to consider closing the facility.

Ohio Congressional Hopefuls Stress Values

voter revulsion tested

Jean Schmidt, a former state lawmaker, had to leave early to attend her daughter's dance recital. Bob McEwen, trying to get back to Congress after a 13-year absence, noted his 29th wedding anniversary coming up Sunday.

State Rep. Tom Brinkman told the crowd that he has been married for 21 years and is raising six children. Pat DeWine, a county commissioner in Cincinnati, brought his mom (Fran), dad (U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine) and a couple of sisters.

NYC Sways to Salsa for Puerto Rican Day

tradition of sharp objects

Although the celebration was generally peaceful, a police officer suffered lacerations to his hand during a dispute, said Detective Noel Waters, a police spokesman. There were some arrests but no details were immediately available, he said.

Babies Healthier if Diabetic Moms Treated

health anxiety genre

Although complications are uncommon, they were four times lower among babies of mothers who were aggressively treated.

Western Governors Focus on Immigration

or it may be that today's schools don't focus on anything at all

Owens said many western states are forced to focus on basics like English education in school districts with high numbers of undocumented aliens, instead of math and science that will provide better jobs.

Republical Lawmakers Urge Shift in Iraq War Plans

terminal stupidity

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Republican congressman called for a deadline to pull U.S. troops from Iraq, while some other members of President Bush's party urged on Sunday that his administration come to grips with a persistent insurgency and revamp Iraq policy.

Appetite Loss for Elderly Not a Good Sign

elder anxiety genre

Loss of appetite is often an early warning sign of something gone wrong.

Fire Kills Five Children in Philadelphia

the children fire-snuff genre, with safety official angle

PHILADELPHIA -- Five young children were killed in a fast-moving fire that swept through a rowhouse on Sunday morning, and fire officials said security bars in the home's windows slowed the attempted rescue.

Barriers Keep Cancer Advances From Doctors

but guess why the number of old people increases

Because the risk of cancer increases with age, cases are expected to rise as the number of older people increases.

Most States Let Drivers Exceed Speed Limit

press release : revenue source overlooked

This practice creates an unsafe comfort level at high speeds and is a potential safety hazard, according to the report being released Monday by the Governors Highway Safety Association.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Rice Takes to Stage to Aid Ailing Soprano

might as well announce you're a social loser to everybody

Among those in the Kennedy Center audience were U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, eight ambasssadors to the United States, Librarian of Congress James Billington, National Institutes of Health director Elias Zerhouni and Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith.

Arlene Fizzles, Now a Tropical Depression

possible upside of Arlene seen

He rode out Arlene with his wife and bedridden mother-in-law in the trailer they now share, ignoring a call to voluntarily evacuate low-lying areas.

Nerve Agent Spills at Indiana Facility

transport it to New Jersey for disposal in the Pacific, and the political problem is solved

The Army wants to transport the hydrolysate _ which has been compared to liquid drain cleaner _ to a DuPont plant in New Jersey for treatment and disposal in the Delaware River. The plan has sparked opposition in New Jersey and Delaware.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Senate May Weigh Climate in Energy Bill

unfamiliar word attempted

"Will the House accept some odorous climate change provision?" Barton asked, according to an Energy Daily report. "I don't think so."

Bush, Roh press North Korea to return to talks

code for bombing

Ban said Bush and Roh "reaffirmed that no nuclear program will be tolerated and that the nuclear issue should be resolved through peaceful and diplomatic means."

Pa. Lawmaker Seeks Homeland Security Chair

familiar with the public roust and maximal inconvenience to increase budget

"Homeland security has been a part of me," said Weldon, a former fire chief who was elected to the House in 1986.

U.S. alleges Syria targeting Lebanese leaders

anonymous why

A senior Bush administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the information came from "a variety of credible Lebanese sources."

Officials: Fla. Men Forced to Work at Farm


EAST PALATKA, Fla. -- A farm labor contractor has been accused of luring homeless men into indentured servitude by forcing them to work off debts from the purchase of alcohol and crack cocaine, authorities said.

Hubble Telescope to View Comet Collision

deconvolution brings out craters and lava flows in everything it's used on

NASA announced in March that the High Resolution Instrument on the fly-by craft was not focusing properly, and mission officials said Thursday they will use a mathematical process called deconvolution to reverse the distortion.

GOP Chairman Walks Out of Raucous Hearing

a traditional congressional raucous, or raucousing, it's called

WASHINGTON -- The Republican chairman walked off with the gavel, leaving Democrats shouting into turned-off microphones at a raucous hearing Friday on the Patriot Act.

Many in U.S., Canada View China as Threat

many in us, canada, read soap opera news

Substantial numbers of people in Canada and the United States worry that China's emergence is a threat to world peace and worry about China's impact on the economy in their own countries.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Modern Life Can Be Tough for ADHD Parents

SOAP disorder affects 40% of women

Preliminary figures from a survey by Dr. Ronald Kessler of Harvard Medical School indicate adult ADHD affects about 4 percent of the population.

U.S. official edited warming, emission link-report

left-wing scientists charge bias

In a memo sent last week to top officials dealing with climate change at a dozen agencies, Piltz charged that "politicization by the White House" was undermining the credibility and integrity of the science program.

Officials Downgrade Fire Outlook in West

non-disaster disaster news revisit

BOISE, Idaho -- Federal forecasters have backed away from predictions for a busy fire season in the West, citing mountain snow and unseasonably cool June temperatures.

Survey: Scientific Misbehavior Is Common

the hockey stick effect

Frankel, who wasn't involved in the survey, said its results didn't surprise him. But he said that the survey sampled only a slice of the scientific community and shouldn't be taken as applying to all scientists.

Plaza Hotel Settles Anti-Arab Bias Suit

towel thrown in

The federal lawsuit alleged that Plaza managers called Arab-American employees terrorists after the Sept. 11 attacks, referring to them as "Osama" or "dumb Muslim."

Illinois Nurse Sues Over Job Denied Her

also wants monopoly power of nursing license

Andrea Nead told the school nursing director that she could not dispense the pills because she believes interfering with a fertilized egg's implantation is a form of abortion, which is against her religious beliefs, according to her suit.

Taxi Thief Takes Passengers for Rides

resembles working for a living

SAN FRANCISCO -- San Francisco police are saying "no fair," to a taxi thief who's been stealing cabs and charging unsuspecting passengers for rides.

NYC Pharmacists Charged in Drug-Dealing

drug source found

NEW YORK -- Six pharmacists were charged Wednesday with supplying a mafia-run drug ring with tens of thousands of painkillers that were sold to college students and other street-level users.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Insects Post Hazard for Firefighters

they call him crazy eric

"On a fire line, there is always something trying to bite you, poke you, stick you and sting you," said Eric Walker, assistant operations manager at the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise and a smokejumper on more than 100 wildfires.

Everyday Apples Pack Antioxidant Punch

Apple-growers association press release disclaimer

Though apples have significantly lower concentrations of antioxidants than other fruits, especially many berries, researchers say year-round availability and greater popularity might make them a better source for many people.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Battle Over Supreme Court Nominee Looms

the ``looms'' genre

Chief Justice William Rehnquist, 80, is battling cancer. Many court watchers expect a Supreme Court vacancy soon, possibly with the end of the court's current term.

Missing Texas Student Found After 7 Years

the mother curse

Stahr, 27, hid from her family after she and her mother, Ann Dickenson, got into an argument over bad grades she received during her sophomore year and her family stopped paying for school.

For the last five years, Stahr worked under her real name, using her Social Security number. But police said they were unable to locate her that way because they don't have access to IRS records.

Dickenson and Stahr haven't reunited yet, but have talked on the phone. Stahr told her sister the family should not bother visiting, but her mother said nothing will stop her.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Work to Resume Near Rare Ark. Woodpecker

one woodpecker too many

Environmentalists disagree, saying any change in the nearby habitat may affect the woodpecker.

Scientists Enjoy Close-Up Look at Moose

there must also be beverage

It's a good supplement to counter stresses such as winter, but moose can't survive on pellets alone. They need habitat found at the center, such as birch, aspen and some willow trees, fireweed and cranberry bushes.

Oakland Launches Public 'Shaming Campaign'

Clinton campaign contribution-in-kind under McCain-Feingold

OAKLAND, Calif. -- A controversial "shaming campaign" aimed at fighting prostitution here will include photos on some billboards of men who have been convicted of soliciting sex.

U.S. Confirms Gitmo Soldier Kicked Quran

road kill

In other newly disclosed incidents, a detainee's Quran was deliberately kicked and another's was stepped on.

Inmate Sentenced for Ariz. Prison Standoff

less time already served

PHOENIX -- An inmate who took two prison guards hostage in one of the longest prison standoffs in the nation's history was sentenced Friday to 16 consecutive life sentences.

Navajos Override Gay-Marriage Ban Veto

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- The Navajo Nation's tribal government voted Friday to override its president's veto of a measure banning same-sex marriage on the nation's largest Indian reservation.


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