``I must give him his due. He has considerably cretinized me.'' Lautréamont

Pics click to enlarge.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sun Shines on Glitzy Mardi Gras Parades

reporter on stupid assignment does the best lede he can under the circumstances in the hope that somebody somewhere will want to read it

NEW ORLEANS -- The weather was sunny and mild Sunday as revelers in this fun-starved city gathered for a daylong extravaganza of Carnival season parades, including two of the biggest and glitziest.

FBI: Powder Found in Texas Dorm Not Ricin

most powdery substances are not ricin, in fact

AUSTIN -- The FBI determined a powdery substance found in a roll of quarters at a University of Texas dormitory was not ricin after initial state tests had indicated it was the potentially deadly poison, a spokesman said Sunday.

g u r u s
u r i n e
r i c i n
u n i x s
s e n s e

ricin in a word square, call the crossword fbi

Shooting in Detroit Church Kills Woman

swing low sweet chariot

"Church had begun, and shots rang out," he said. After summoning help, church members continued the service.

"They didn't let this incident stop the reason why they came to church," he said. "They came to worship."

Friday, February 24, 2006

Silenced by Islamist Rage (NYT)

the nobody-can-believe-this-crap evaluation of islam takes over the NYT

With every new riot over the Danish cartoons, it becomes clearer that the protests are no longer about the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, but about the demagoguery of Islamic extremists

Reorganization Redux (NYT)

entertainments on the Titanic

If there's one thing that Hurricane Katrina has taught us, it is that just shuffling the bureaucratic deck does not make us safer.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Congress, Can You Spare a Dime? (NYT)

the moonbat economics page

When it returns, Congress must act quickly to keep hurricane-related jobless benefits flowing.

Six Inmates Injured in Fight at L.A. Jail

purpose brought to empty lives

LOS ANGELES -- Violence erupted again between black and Hispanic inmates at the Southern California jail system where more than 100 inmates have been injured and two killed in a series of racially motivated brawls.

Bush, Officials Tout Energy Initiatives

American wallets filled by socking it to employers

employers wallets filled by socking it to Americans

it's a medium of exchange crisis

WASHINGTON -- Record-high gasoline prices have dropped, yet there are fears another surge is around the corner. Larger heating bills this winter are still socking it to American wallets.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ten-year jail term sought for ex-congressman

attorney raised under cabbage

"For the better part of a decade, Cunningham, in effect, erected a 'for sale' sign upon our nation's capital," U.S. Attorney Carol Lam wrote in her sentencing motion.

MDs: Make Stroke Victims Use Weak Arm

group surveyed by telephone

But those who tried it for two weeks were better off in the long run, greatly improving their ability to do everyday tasks like answering the phone, doctors reported Saturday.

Democrats Slam New Medicare Drug Plan

it's not a complexity tax. it keeps you from joining only if and when you need it, playing it as retroactive insurance.

even so it's a bad deal and most, correctly, simply don't join at all

the correct criticism is that it's a stupid plan

In addition, Madrid said, seniors are being told that if they don't sign up by May 15, "they will have to pay a complexity tax that will raise the cost of their coverage even higher."

White House to Watch Hamas Closely, Wait

waitful watching

WASHINGTON -- The White House said Saturday it will watch closely to see how the militant group Hamas responds to calls for it to moderate its hardline stance concerning Israel now that it has assumed a majority role in the Palestinian parliament.

NAACP Wants New Orleans Election Delayed

republican win sensed

NEW YORK -- The Department of Justice should postpone upcoming elections in New Orleans until displaced voters have been located, NAACP officials said Saturday.

Senator Wants Court to Oversee Spy Program

senator wants more power for senator

WASHINGTON -- The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, breaking ranks with the president on domestic eavesdropping, says he wants a special court to oversee the program.

Pat Robertson Accused of Damaging Movement

other cheek unturned

NORFOLK, Va. -- Fellow conservative religious leaders have expressed concern and even open criticism over Pat Robertson's habit of shooting from the hip on his daily religious news-and-talk television program,

Bus Crash on Icy Okla. Interstate Kills 2

example of subjectless infinitive clause as direct object

The driver, Miguel Esquada of Fort Worth, Texas, said through an interpreter that he hit the brakes when a car pulled in front of him suddenly and that the bus began to overturn.

Thousands in Northeast Still Without Power


"Most people tough it out the first night and then come in the second night," said Mark Bosma, spokesman for Vermont Emergency Management.

Winning Powerball Ticket Sold in Nebraska

portfolio manager

"I intend to go, perhaps, to Paris," Robert Sayon Morris said after buying a ticket at Billy and Marty's convenience store in Minneapolis. Would he quit his job at a bank? "Of course."

Free Clinics Pop Up to Deal With Uninsured

medical release form inadvertently transfers ownership of nehru jacket warehouse

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. -- After Rick Sawyer had a heart attack last year, he suddenly found himself in one of life's most frightening predicaments.

Fugitive Brothers Caught After 15 Years

mountain lion high, a john denver favorite

Military-style helmets, bullet-resistant vests and a marijuana-growing operation were found on the property that was heavily guarded by motion detectors and dogs, officials said. Eden said the two also might have tried to domesticate mountain lions.

Official Convicted in `Tennessee Waltz'

the soap opera showing-no-emotion character

Cotton showed no emotion when he heard the verdict.

Firm Sues To Block Foreign Port Takeover

the baggage tag effect

"We cannot be lax about our nation's security nor fail to recognize that our ports are realistic targets of terrorists," LoBiondo said.

Development Raises Flood Risk Across U.S.

budget agendas pushed

The weather situation, too, may worsen, said Anthony Arguez, of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

McDonald's Sued Over Ingredients of Fries

hold the bun

Debra Moffatt of Lombard, Ill., seeks unspecified damages in a suit filed Friday in Chicago. Her attorney, Thomas Pakenas, said his client has celiac disease, which causes gastrointestinal symptoms set off by eating gluten, a protein found in wheat.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Record-Setting Snow Buries Northeast

i actually remember the 1947 snow, as a kid

the snow came all the way up to here

every other storm has been a disappointment since

i don't know that it's headline material, though. it wasn't at the time, either. it's just snow. people shovel, trucks plow, it gets cleared.

The National Weather Service said 26.9 inches of snow had fallen in Central Park, the most for a single storm since record-keeping started in 1869. The old record was 26.4 inches in December 1947.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Snow says G8 always discusses forex flexibility

red ink

"It's always one of the topics that we get into under the broad rubric of the global adjustment process."

Ind. Proposal: Life Starts at Conception

and it ends when it doesn't lodge in the womb and gets flushed down the toilet

Only South Dakota has beginning-of-life language similar to Indiana's proposal, which would require women seeking an abortion to be informed in writing that "human life begins when a human ovum is fertilized by a human sperm."

Developing Nor'easter Heads Up East Coast

snow soap opera template joined by government

women vote

Gov. M. Jodi Rell urged residents to stay off the roads if possible.

Snow threat delays Mrs. Bush return from Europe

queen laura

TURIN, Italy (Reuters) - A major snowstorm brewing in the Washington area prompted U.S. first lady Laura Bush to delay her departure home on Saturday from Italy, where she was watching the Winter Olympics, her spokeswoman said.

Muslims Protest Drawing in Philly Paper

``ridiculous religion'' counterprotest not noted

PHILADELPHIA -- Protesters with signs that read "Irresponsible Journalism" gathered outside the offices of The Philadelphia Inquirer Saturday to condemn the newspaper's decision to reprint a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad that had angered Muslims worldwide.

Wind a Threat in 11,00-Acre Calif. Blaze

nothing happening as exhausted reporter spends 12th day on same story

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Hot, gusty weather remained a threat Saturday as firefighters mopped up two wildfires that burned through 11,000 acres of dry brushland in Southern California. No homes were threatened.

Shedding Light on Private Lives of Leaders

chocolate stains on dresses

WASHINGTON -- Presidents and their wives have been an amorous lot, their White House years coming at the pinnacle of lives entwined.

Hurricane Victims Losing Hotel Rooms

handouts attract handout takers

With the Monday deadline looming, she turned to FEMA asking for rent assistance. Brown was told it would take two weeks to review her case, leaving her without a trailer, without an apartment and soon without a hotel room.

Fossett Breaks Flight Distance Record

feminists bathed in unremitting tolerance

"He's just flown further than man, or woman, has ever flown,"

Woman, 3 Kids Found Dead in Western Ohio

maternal instinct rampage leads to neatness

PHILLIPSBURG, Ohio -- A woman and her three children were found shot to death Saturday in their western Ohio home, officials said.

A handgun was found in the neat and orderly home, and investigators were interviewing the woman's boyfriend, who had recently moved out, Montgomery Sheriff's Maj. Ed Copher said.

"I wouldn't call anybody a suspect at this time," Copher said.

Falun Gong Protest Exclusion From Parade

dragon burned in effigy

SAN FRANCISCO -- Members of a spiritual group outlawed as a dangerous cult in China banged drums and cymbals near the city's annual Chinese New Year Parade, which had excluded Falun Gong for violating rules against political activity.

2 Drown When Boat Upends Near Calif. Coast

transportation danger story

MANILA, Calif. -- An 82-year-old woman and her son died Saturday when their boat capsized in waves off northern California and the Coast Guard helicopter attempting to rescue them crashed into the water.

Warnings for Northwest Suffolk County, New York

The Time to Tickle a Lizard,
Is Before, or Right After, a Blizzard.
Now the place to begin
Is just under his Chin,--
And here's more Advice:
Don't Poke more than Twice
At an Intimate Place like his Gizzard.

(Theodore Roethke)

A Blizzard Warning means severe winter weather conditions are expected or occurring. Falling and blowing snow with strong winds and poor visibilities are likely. This will lead to white-out conditions... making travel extremely dangerous. Do not travel. If you must... have a winter survival kit with you. If you get stranded... stay with your vehicle.

Stay tuned to NOAA all hazards weather radio or visit our web site at weather.Gov/NYC for further details and updates.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Calif. Officers to Be Fired in Gators Case

wallet, belt made

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Two California Highway Patrol officers accused of killing an alligator while working in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina will be fired, the patrol said Friday.

Brown Blames Superiors For Response to Katrina

not looking for another job

Michael D. Brown, the former Federal Emergency Management Agency director, accused the Bush administration yesterday of setting the nation's disaster preparedness on a "path to failure" before Hurricane Katrina by overemphasizing the threat of terrorism, and of discounting warnings on the day the storm hit that a worst-case flood was enveloping New Orleans.

L.A. Jail Officials Try to ID Riot Leaders

peace process

LOS ANGELES -- Jail officials are studying surveillance tapes to identify the inmates behind about a dozen racially charged brawls over the past week and plan to isolate them to try to stop the violence.

Steve Fossett Flies Past Halfway Mark

xeno's news paradox

an infinite number of stories will be generated with infinite anxiety at each next halfway point proving that the goal (whatever it is) cannot be reached

unless he crashes in the sea and sinks without a trace, which everybody is hoping for.

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- Adventurer Steve Fossett flew past the halfway point in his effort to break aviation's distance record, even as a fuel leak, soaring heat in the cockpit and weak winds jeopardized his quest.

Solitaire Game Gets NYC Worker Fired

22. b x p

NEW YORK -- Mayor Michael Bloomberg isn't playing games _ after he saw a game of solitaire on a city employee's computer screen, he fired him.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Judge Dismisses Penultimate Ohio Lawsuit

bush victory looms

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit over Ohio's recount of the 2004 presidential election, leaving only one court challenge remaining from the state's role in the re-election of President Bush.

Ethics scandal looms over Republicans' meeting

loom news, for when nothing happened

idiocy looms over reuters story writer hoping to position himself for better assignments

CAMBRIDGE, Maryland (Reuters) - Republicans in the House of Representatives, rocked by ethics scandals, met in a secluded Maryland town on Thursday, hoping to regroup under new leadership and position themselves to retain power in November's elections.

British Man Charged in Deaths of American Wife, Daughter

audience of women anxiously reads the latest story of complex human relations gone bad

everybody is the story is white, you know that.

women have to be able to relate.

The charges against Neil Entwistle added a new twist to a case whose lurid elements -- failed Internet schemes, a mother and daughter shot side by side, and a police search that missed two bodies buried under bedclothes -- have generated intense interest on both sides of the Atlantic.

Two Small Planes Collide; 3 Dead in Calif.

most unlikely eyewitness report of the decade not actually mentioning angels

Bryce Segaux, an 18-year-old senior at Grossmont High School, was working in the school's auto shop when he saw a small plane sputter, lose altitude and crash into the second aircraft.

Lead Paint Makers Say R.I. Has No Proof

lawyer humor

Michael Nilan, a lawyer for Millennium Holdings, said 31,718 Rhode Island children were screened for lead exposure in 2004, and 96.3 percent did not have alarming levels of lead in their blood.

Nineteen Injured in Latest L.A. Jail Brawl

prisons found to work

LOS ANGELES -- Nineteen inmates were injured Wednesday in a series of racially motivated brawls at a county jail where deadly rioting occurred last weekend, authorities said.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

TV Anchor: Atlanta Ex-Mayor Carried Cash

unfocused story of the year

ATLANTA -- A Chicago TV newswoman testified Wednesday that former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell always carried plenty of cash while the two enjoyed a romantic relationship.

Early Version of T. Rex Is Discovered

press release too dull for words

NEW YORK -- Scientists say they've found the earliest known tyrannosaur, shedding light on the lineage that produced the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex. The discovery comes with a puzzle: Why did this beast have a strange crest on its head?

FDA Report Details 25 ADHD Drug Deaths

on the other hand playground injuries were reduced

WASHINGTON -- Twenty-five people died and 54 more suffered serious cardiovascular problems after taking drugs to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder between 1999 and 2003, the government says.

McDonald's Says Fries Have More Trans Fats

unwise argument line chosen

a better one would use the term ``food nazis''

"It is important to note that McDonald's menu has a wide range of choice and variety, with an array of portion sizes, including three options with french fries _ small, medium and large," she said.

Governor: Ala. Church Fires Appear Linked

many churches fail to ignite

BOLIGEE, Ala. -- Gov. Bob Riley said Wednesday that the nine church fires in rural Alabama during the past week appear linked, as investigators checked out witness reports of two men in a sport-utility vehicle near a number of the fires.

McCain, Obama Agree to Stop Bickering

the continuing story of washington's two most ridiculous senators

WASHINGTON -- Two leaders in current efforts to reduce special interest influence on Congress once again appeared to be fighting on the same side Wednesday, two days after an unusually fiery falling out.

Police: All Tests for Nerve Agent Negative

important people affected

WASHINGTON -- At least nine senators were among 200 people herded into a Capitol parking garage Wednesday night after a security sensor indicated the presence of a nerve agent in their office building. Later tests proved negative.

Agency Restores Funding for Logging Study

lesson : environmental groups like money

"The key to effective censorship is to make sure no one's looking, and this time everyone was watching," said Andy Stahl, director of the Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, an environmental group in Eugene.

Study: Bad Corn Caused Birth Defects

news you can use

The study found that pregnant women who ate 300 to 400 tortillas a month during the first trimester had more than twice the risk of giving birth to babies with the defects than did women who ate fewer than 100 tortillas.

Fire Crews Aided by Calming Calif. Winds

children at risk angle attempted

In the coastal mountains near Malibu, firefighters contained 95 percent of a 34-acre fire that caused three nearby elementary schools and a high school to close as a precaution.

NASA Public Relations Official Resigns

not the populist model of science NASA trades on

vs the populist model of truth-seeking journalist

two bogus postures in one story

HOUSTON -- A NASA political appointee who worked in the space agency's public relations department submitted his resignation after reportedly restricting access to a noted NASA climate scientist.

Christian Group Seeks to Help Air Force

turns out not to be a GPS-units-for-precision-bombs funding drive

though they are the form actual Good News takes today

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- An evangelical group petitioned Wednesday to intervene in a lawsuit by an Air Force Academy graduate who alleges senior officers and cadets illegally impose Christianity on others at the school.

Wife of Mine Survivor Says He Has Spoken

can the wife of a hopeless cripple be happy in life

no, which is why women eat these stories up

eternal frustration is everything

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. -- The lone survivor of the Sago Mine disaster has said a few words, and is interacting with family members through his eyes, sounds, movements and facial expressions, his wife said.

Bush Rebukes Muslim Violence, Chides Press

cliche tested beyond breaking point

At the same time, he admonished the press that its freedom comes with "the responsibility to be thoughtful about others."

Monday, February 06, 2006

Man Who Jumped From Plane Dies in Hospital

epitaph : did not play well with others

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- A passenger who jumped from a moving plane as it prepared to take off died Monday, days after suffering a heart attack in jail, his sister said.

Gynecologist Gets 20 Years for Rapes

a women's prison, in a plea bargain

SEATTLE -- A gynecologist convicted of raping and fondling women who came to his clinics for treatment was sentenced Monday to 20 years in prison.

Calif. Man Gets Prison for Katrina Scam

what exactly is impersonating a relief worker

LOS ANGELES -- A man who pleaded guilty to impersonating a relief worker collecting donations for Hurricane Katrina victims was sentenced to a year in federal prison Monday.

Wind Spreads Wildfire in SoCal Forest

fire coverage resumes, the wind having died down in the northwest, and there being no avalanches or floods

pernicious contribution of oxygen not noted, nor the effects of fuel, in this ongoing crisis that happens all the time

the forests regenerate and the homes are rebuilt

then the same forest burns again in 20 years and there it is again in the news

some trees require fire in order to seed, so little of a story is it.

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- A Southern California wildfire driven by Santa Ana winds ate through 1,200 acres of wilderness Monday near Orange County suburbs, forcing evacuation of 1,500 homes.

NASA Focuses on Developing New Moon Craft

subcontract it to the ohio bureau of motor vehicles, it has as much chance of working

LOS ANGELES -- NASA has delayed two programs that search for planets capable of supporting life as the space agency instead focuses on developing a new manned spacecraft to return to the moon in the next decade.

Ex-President Carter: Eavesdropping Illegal

america's moonbat president

HENDERSON, Nev. -- Former President Jimmy Carter criticized the Bush administration's domestic eavesdropping program Monday and said he believes the president has broken the law.

Chicago Clerk Resigns Following Indictment

resignation bribe raised

CHICAGO -- Chicago's city clerk resigned Monday, more than three weeks after he was charged with soliciting bribes and obstructing justice in a widespread corruption investigation.

Moussaoui Removed From Courtroom

the tedious continuing coverage genre

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Proclaiming "I am al-Qaida," terrorist conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui disrupted the opening of his sentencing trial Monday and was tossed out of court as selection began for the jurors who will decide whether he lives or dies.

Bush Budget Plan a Headache for Congress

take the global warming and the gay sex dollars and pay down the national debt

make scientists find a job doing something that somebody actually wants done

WASHINGTON -- President Bush sent his GOP allies in Congress an austere budget for next year that is filled with political land mines and flush with difficult choices.

Senators Question Gonzales on NSA Wiretaps

nation addressed as women

WASHINGTON -- Senators raised doubts about the legal rationale for the Bush administration's eavesdropping program Monday, forcing Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to provide a lengthy defense of the operations he called a vital "early warning system" for terrorists.

Rare Chlamydia Strain Infecting Gay Men

where your global warming dollars are going instead

WASHINGTON -- A particularly bad strain of chlamydia not usually seen in this country appears to be slowly spreading among gay and bisexual men, an infection that can increase their chances of getting or spreading the AIDS virus.

Scientists Warn of Melting Ice in Arctic

scientists warn of budget cut danger

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Scientists on Monday painted a gloomy picture of the effects of global warming on the Arctic, warning of melting ocean ice, rising oceans, thawed permafrost and forests susceptible to bugs and fire.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Fla. Probes Possible Triple Murder-Suicide

might have been a double murder double suicide

the odds favor it 6 to 4

EUSTIS, Fla. -- Two police officers and their wives were found dead in a central Florida home Sunday in what investigators think was a triple murder-suicide.

Group: Kids Need Extra Care in Disasters

woman reader information overload danger approached by press release storm

CHICAGO -- A national pediatricians' group is calling on doctors to ensure that children's needs are not neglected in disaster planning.

Calcium, Exercise Vital for Kids' Bones

whoa! a whole flurry of press releases for women at once

alien pet diets would cover all bases

CHICAGO -- Doctors should evaluate children for the amount of calcium they get and encourage them to exercise to help prevent an epidemic of broken bones later in life, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises.

Pediatricians Group Backs Needle Exchanges

more press release news

this seems to be aimed at women

CHICAGO -- Pediatricians should speak out in support of needle exchange programs to reduce the spread of HIV among injection drug users, the American Academy of Pediatrics says in a toughened policy statement.

Startup Syncs Computer Programs, Devices

reporter receives press release

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- The bits that make up our digital lives are increasingly spread over a growing number of gadgets, such as cell phones that snap pictures, handheld computers that play music and a growing number of PCs that do all the above and more. But amid all this connectedness, something has been left out: a seamless way for all the gadgets and all the computers to stay current with all the information captured, created and edited on other devices.

World Bank staff survey shows general satisfaction

bureaucracy in action

Eight months into his tenure and as Wolfowitz begins to exert his influence, internal tensions have come to a head with the World Bank Staff Association questioning procedures followed in the appointments of two senior managers and a general lack of consultation.

Rep. Sanders 'All Right' After Collapse

term limits

RICHFORD, Vt. -- Rep. Bernie Sanders collapsed Sunday while attending the funeral of a Vermont National Guardsman and was later treated at a hospital for the flu and dehydration.

King Honored Where Husband Preached

posthumous verbs take objective case subjects

She is history because her husband and her stood up for what was right.

Spacesuit Still Alive, Giving Weak Signal

next time put a teacher in it

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- A spacesuit that was tossed out of the international space station after being stuffed with old clothes and a radio transmitter was again sending weak signals as it circled the globe, ham radio operators reported Sunday.

La. Officials Focus on New Orleans Future

one yellow school bus for each branch of governemt

Blanco planned to kick off the session Monday by taking legislators on a bus trip to New Orleans so they can see the hurricane damage, but a number of them said they've already seen the destruction and wouldn't take the trip.

Specter Criticizes Rationale for Spying

because he doesn't need the approval of congress to do what the President has the constitutional authority to do

asshole senators playing to the media is not a constitutional crisis

WASHINGTON -- Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has not adequately justified why the Bush administration failed to seek court approval for domestic surveillance, said the senator in charge of a hearing Monday on the program.

New Rule Will Let Drug Offenders Earn Aid

even lower recidivism if you pay for education yourself

"I think it's ridiculous to try to keep anybody from changing, to get more education," he said. "Research shows more education reduces recidivism for people who are locked up. You might have a chance to lead a decent life and become a taxpaying citizen and become a help instead of a drain."

Weld's Gov Campaign Altered News Clips

news articles themselves are allowed to be misleading

indeed they depend on it, for audience

no audience, no news clips

NEW YORK -- GOP gubernatorial candidate William Weld made changes to his campaign Web site after being criticized because newspaper articles posted there were altered to remove criticism of him, and any mention of a criminal investigation at a technical college he once led.

La. Lawmakers to Debate Future of Levees

whatever it is, it won't work

Boasso's first bill lacked support from Blanco. The governor threw her support behind Boasso's current measure _ which is fundamentally the same as the first _ after she was stung by criticism for her initial indifference.

Car Crashes Into L.A. Clinic, Injuring 13

iatrogenic humor

LOS ANGELES -- Two cars collided in a south Los Angeles business district, sending one of the vehicles into a health clinic filled with patients and injuring 13 people _ six of them critically.

Bush: IAEA Vote Is Clear Message to Iran

the clear message charade

saddam got a clear message eventually, for comparison

WASHINGTON -- In a rebuke of Tehran, President Bush said Saturday's long-sought vote to send Iran's nuclear case before the U.N. Security Council sends a clear message that the world will not permit the Iranian regime to gain nuclear weapons.

Rice to Share NFL Box With Commissioner

the make-a-story-out-of-anything effect

more likely the NFL is getting importance out of inviting important people

against the growing who-gives-a-sh*t reaction to the event

WASHINGTON -- There are a few perks that come with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's current job, but the good seats she snagged for Sunday's Super Bowl might be sign that she's looking ahead to what might be her next gig: NFL commissioner.

Teens Putting Themselves at Risk Online

budget increase sought by press release

"You wouldn't leave your kid on the side of the highway without supervision," Morano said. "You shouldn't put them on the Internet highway without the same type of supervision."

US eavesdropping finds few suspects: newspaper

that's good, right?

it's called a type 1 error, a false alarm.

it doesn't cost you much.

the type 2 error, a missed positive, is very costly.

so you design your resources to produce no type 2 errors by allowing lots of type 1 errors.

US eavesdropping misses no terrorist plots, would be the corresponding headline.

a valid-looking criticism would say the design used is inefficient, which is possible but not supported by the story.

the story itself is ignorance elaborated in the way reporters do with everything.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Nearly all of the thousands of Americans subjected to a domestic surveillance program authorized by President George W. Bush have been dismissed as potential suspects, the Washington Post said on Sunday.

Nursing Homes Veer From Hospital Model

AP adopts the kindergarten model

"I was two years old when I started making decisions of my own, and that's the truth," said Keogh, who's 80.

Controversy Over Padre Island Beach Access

nature boilerplate

Padre is owned by the Nature Conservancy and is a haven for rare and endangered species such as Kemp's Ridley sea turtles, the most endangered sea turtle in the world; piping plovers and brown pelicans. The islands are also an important staging area for rare peregrine falcons in migration.

Shooting Outside Detroit Bar Kills 1

probably involves men

Police released few details about the shooting, saying only that a bumping incident sparked the gunfire.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bush to seek Medicare cost savings

anything the government takes care of it simultaneously wants to cut

the only point is to get control out of private hands, so this happens in sequence

CRAWFORD, Texas (Reuters) - President Bush will propose reining in Medicare payments to hospitals as he seeks savings in one of the largest U.S. entitlement programs, an administration official said on Saturday.

Rewards Offered in Ala. Church Fire Probe

careless smoking

Gov. Bob Riley said a $5,000 reward was being offered by the state, and a $5,000 reward was posted by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Blogger Gains Following With Iraq Reports

catch 22

During a firefight in downtown Mosul in August, Yon and witnesses say he picked up an M4 rifle, reloaded and fired three times at insurgents as two battalion leaders lay wounded nearby. His actions brought a stern reprimand from the Army.

Feminism Pioneer Betty Friedan Dies at 85

doors opened for women

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., said Friedan's activism and writing "opened doors and minds, breaking down barriers for women and enlarging opportunities for women and men for generations to come. We are all the beneficiaries of her vision."

Unmanned Spacesuit Goes Silent

the NASA science model always involves schoolchildren

they learn about bureaucracies, waste and corruption

The spacesuit project, known as SuitSat-1, was the brainchild of a Russian ham radio operator. It was supposed to send several words in code for schoolchildren listening on the ground.

High Wind in Northwest Cuts Power

no avalanche, wildfire or flood news

SEATTLE -- Fierce wind across western Washington and Oregon on Saturday cut power to homes and businesses, forced rail service and a major bridge to close, and was blamed for at least one death, authorities said.

1 Dead, Scores Hurt in Calif. Jail Riot

disputed softball call

CASTAIC, Calif. -- A riot at a maximum-security jail Saturday left one inmate dead and more than 100 injured, including 20 hospitalized with serious injuries, authorities said.

Crowds Pay Tribute to Coretta Scott King

might be good, if he uses the good speech writer

might be awful, if not

a reminder what king actually said might be nice

President Bush, who will attend the service with first lady Laura Bush, is expected to make remarks during the service, according to the White House.

Teen Wanted In Gay Bar Ramapge Is Caught

hatchet and gun needed for editor

GASSVILLE, Ark. -- A teenager suspected of a hatchet-and-gun attack in a Massachusetts gay bar shot and killed a small-town police officer and the teen's passenger before he was critically wounded in a gun battle with police Saturday, authorities said.

Amid 2008 Talk, Rudy Flies Under Radar

mccain fixation holds media

Marshall Wittmann, a former McCain aide and one-time legislative director for the Christian Coalition, said Giuliani's record on social issues would be a "show stopper" for most conservative voters.

However, he added, many Republicans would find a McCain-Giuliani ticket irresistible.

"Rudy's national security credentials could bring him to the No. 2 spot on ticket, but not No. 1," Wittmann said. "Pro-life voters care about national security, but they are Republicans because it's the pro-life party and they'd leave the party if it nominated a pro-choice candidate. The mayor's an intelligent guy, and I'm certain he knows that."

Gonzales Slated to Defend Bush Spy Program

and their irrelevance to the question

Democrats and Republicans on the committee are unhappy with the legal justifications they have seen so far for the program; the White House's refusal to release other documents; and their exclusion from the limited briefings that the administration has provided to a handful of lawmakers.

Bush: U.S. Economy Must Stay Competitive

the reporter is even more bored than the readers at this point , not knowing any economics at all

The budget he is proposing next week includes $5.9 billion to help keep America economically competitive.

National Guard Plan Proves a Tough Sell

somebody is on the take

the procedure is : set up any large program that attracts a large money flow. health care is a good example. the larger the better.

take a cut of the money

Added Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa.: "You can mark my words. They're not going to cut the National Guard."

Katrina-Ravaged States Plan for Elections

one hurricane one vote

WASHINGTON -- Louisiana officials are preparing to send out nearly 1 million mailers as part of a campaign to tell voters who fled the wrath of Hurricane Katrina how to cast ballots from afar, a problem not as widespread in other Gulf Coast states.


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