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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Tenacity Question (NYT)

military code for moron

by David Brooks
Military experts say that President Obama is intellectually sophisticated, but they do not know if he has the determination needed from a war president.

The Defining Moment (NYT)

more people needed in the loon camp

by Paul Krugman
The health care legislation on the table isn’t perfect, but it’s as good as anyone could reasonably have expected. It is time for everyone to decide which side they’re on.

Afterglow (NYT)

back when even newspapers were big

NASA has detected a gamma-ray burst that is the oldest and most distant object discovered in our universe — an invitation for all of us to unfetter our imaginations.

The Commander’s Duty Done (NYT)

the sun tzu photo op strategy

President Obama’s visit to Dover Air Force Base to pay tribute to the returning war dead was entirely appropriate as he faces the decision of what comes next in Afghanistan.

Mrs. Clinton in Pakistan (NYT)

distribute a government cartoon book, "Religion and You"

To enlist Pakistan as a reliable ally, Washington and Islamabad leaders need to do a much better job of explaining themselves to the Pakistani people.

The House Health Reform Bill (NYT)

editorial brain dead mode always works

The bill unveiled Thursday would greatly expand coverage of the uninsured while reducing budget deficits. It deserves to be approved.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Toxic Hamburgers (NYT)

irradiation no match for food czar

Congress and the Agriculture Department should act to make ground beef safer, and the White House should nominate a strong undersecretary for food safety.

Wrong Advice (NYT)

truth in headlines

If Roberto Micheletti and his backers expect the next Honduran government to be legitimate, it must restore Manuel Zelaya to the presidency now.

The Peace Prize (NYT)

and the editorial meeting's result is

President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize shows that many people around the world want him to restore American values and leadership — and believe he can.


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