``I must give him his due. He has considerably cretinized me.'' Lautréamont

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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Floods of June (NYT)

jaded readership noted

There is no minimizing the deaths or the damage caused by an unusual series of storms across the Eastern Seaboard, but these storms have affected most people on a more mundane level.

Africa Must Push on Darfur (NYT)

amazement at institutional imcompetence continues on the left

for some reason the left doesn't expect it

Nearly two months have passed since the U.S.-brokered Darfur peace agreement was signed and there has still been no agreement providing for that desperately needed international force.

A Victory for the Rule of Law (NYT)

law means the courts taking over the war from the President, who has the constitutional responsibility for it

the President as commander in chief can do what he wants waging war, and Congress can impeach and remove him, but that's about it, constitutionally

except when you make up the constitution as you go along

the court wants to expand its power, in short

Bush will wimp out

The Supreme Court's decision striking down the military tribunals set up to try the detainees being held in Guantánamo Bay is far more than a narrow ruling on the issue of military courts.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Billing Holocaust Victims (NYT)

moral riddle suggested involving money

U.S. Magistrate Judge James Orenstein, who is reviewing Burt Neuborne's fee for representing Holocaust survivors against Swiss banks, should scrutinize it carefully.

The Whir of the Political Casino (NYT)

ralph reed is apparently a republican

Ralph Reed, who a Senate report says enjoyed $5.3 million in lobbying fees plus globe-trotting treats from Jack Abramoff, should know that there is a higher standard of behavior than simply not being indicted.

Hamas Provokes a Fight (NYT)

new tone at the NYT

nobody knows why

perhaps hamas has cancelled their subscription

The responsibility for the escalation in the Middle East rests squarely with Hamas, whose military wing tunneled into Israel on Sunday, killed two Israeli soldiers and kidnapped another.

A Loss for Competitive Elections (NYT)

the fairness rule for when republicans control state legislatures

Instead of standing up for a fair electoral landscape, the Supreme Court produced a ruling that did little to ensure the vibrancy of American democracy, and that itself had an unfortunate whiff of partisanship.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Disaster without End (NYT)

giveaways create wastrels and thieves

something the NYT doesn't consider in any government program

you avoid wastrels and thieves by avoiding giveaway programs and moving charity back to individuals, who have an incentive to want to actually help and watch where they put their resources

It turns out that thieves and wastrels feasting in the wake of Hurricane Katrina have been doing a heck of a job too - pushing the tote in government loot toward $2 billion and counting.

Talking With Iraqi Insurgents (NYT)

a matter of taste

a better angle is that you have to forget in order to start anew

same thing ought to apply to the civil rights movement (see below on King, as King said)

Any reconciliation broad enough to matter in Iraq will require embracing unsavory people and forgiving unsavory deeds.

Patriotism and the Press (NYT)

the press in the constitution is not the NYT but the people

like keller, who published what should be kept secret but gets no more of a pass that anybody else would on the matter

like for instance whether it's treasonous ought to be judged by looking at keller, not the NYT

the NYT was just his vehicle for a personal decision

The free press has a central place in the Constitution because it can provide information the public needs to make things right again. Even if it runs the risk of being labeled unpatriotic in the process.

Saving the King Heritage, Round One (NYT)

if people were actually doing what King wanted that would be one thing, but the movement has gone off in exactly the opposite direction

so nobody cares about his papers and they ought to be forgotten along with other sacred bogus lefty icons

let's move on and try somebody else's name

Mayor Shirley Franklin of Atlanta did the nation an important service by pulling together a coalition of civic and business leaders to purchase thousands of documents belonging to Martin Luther King Jr.

Way to Let Go! (NYT)

those rich guys are not consuming their wealth, so it is still at work in the economy as directed by the market right now

if when they die they were to liquidate their holdings and burn the money, it would serve as well to move the wealth back to everybody.

the Fed would simply print more money and distribute it to the entire economy via reduced bond sales.

if these foundations know better how to spend such sums than the economy does, more power to them, but i doubt it.

it redirects the efforts of the economy from what the market wants to what do-gooders want.

that's certainly their right, but represents the point at which this wealth is taken from the economy and consumed.

do-gooders by and large are not very smart.

there's the rub.

A world that has become accustomed to the acquisition of enormous sums can still be a little stunned at seeing fortunes given away.

Burning the Bill of Rights (NYT)

NYT gets one right, though of course the right thinks the same thing except for the dickwad right

the flag belongs to everybody, snake oil salesmen as well as boy scouts

it does not belong to veterans' groups and other ``you owe us'' organizations

the only actual flag desecration I've run into is politicians using the flag as a backdrop

but that's the offense you have to put up with for freedom

flag burning is our canary in the coal mine for free speech. it offends the right people.

Senate Republicans are trying to torch a hole in the First Amendment' s free speech guarantee by passing an amendment to the Constitution that would allow federal and state authorities to punish flag-burning.

Campaign Finance Reform Survives (NYT)

editorial for the uncurious

The Supreme Court struck down Vermont's reform-oriented campaign finance system yesterday. But more important was what it did not do.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Escalating Prescription Drug Prices (NYT)

disturbing?! it was predicted!

when the buyer doesn't pay, the price rises

it works like, eg., medical care has once medical insurance became widespread

the scam is that it creates and diverts a large flow of money, from which a tiny cut is taken by regulators, making them rich, and that's the point of it all.

they are what is called a louse, a person who steals your $500 TV and sells it for $10

you'd have paid him $20 not to steal it

Two recent surveys of drug prices by consumer advocacy groups show a disturbing pattern of increases as the new Medicare drug benefit was getting under way.

Responsible Use of Eminent Domain (NYT)

eminent domain land grab for new NYT headquarters repressed

Congress should avoid passing sweeping legislation that prevents governments from promoting development projects that significantly advance the public interest.

A Waste of Energy (NYT)

windmill constructed

As its nickel-and-dime agenda suggests, the House of Representatives' "Energy Week," which may not last even five days, is a joke.

Really Bad Ideas on Korea (NYT)

ineffective ideas are the gold standard

then you get to criticize the solution

moral posture is preserved

North Korea hasn't yet tested its new long-range missile, but some bizarre ideas have already started flying around Washington about the best way for America to respond.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Speaker's Hard Lesson in Reform (NYT)

shocked, shocked that anybody would influence lawmakers who grow in the system of big government control of everything

Dennis Hastert, the speaker of the House who promised credible lobbyist reform, is the latest lawmaker in the limelight for the rampant pork-barrel practice of earmarking.

Making Your Own Luck (NYT)

it's an effort to, you know, pay their executives

if the NYT wants to be on the board of directors, they should offer themselves and see if the market likes the idea

A series of investigations have shown that many companies may have been rigging the timing of option grants to jack up their value, to the benefit of executives and the detriment of shareholders.

A Risk Not Worth Taking in Space (NYT)

man it with the NYT editorial staff and nobody will object

The decision to launch the space shuttle despite objections from NASA's top safety officer and chief engineer looks like an unnecessary risk to the spacecraft.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Albany's Flash Finale (NYT)

closed door editorial meeting on the public interest comes up with ...

As always with New York's secretive government, it will take a long time before we really know what has been done this week in the public's name.

Graduation in the Eye of the Beholder (NYT)

dysfunctional teachers' union unmentioned

Right now, the government can't even tell how many American students are dropping out of high school - which is a crucial indicator of how well the schools are doing their jobs.

Following the Money, and the Rules (NYT)

syllepsis covers thoughtlessness

and a ``needs to be'' editorial as well

you don't follow the rules when calling for rules

the deal on the war on terrorism is that there's a constraint on terrorists. they need a certain size of organization to get anything meaningful done. on the other hand, the bigger the organization, the easier it is to detect before they can get anything done. if you make eg. the financial dealings necessary hard enough to conceal, it makes the largest undetection size smaller than the smallest effective size, and the organizations die out, and that's the win you seek.

hence harassment worldwide of necessary dealings until there's noplace they can survive.

``the rules'' have to be compatible with that strategy, if you want to suggest any.

because it's a war.

work backwards from that to America being America.

If America is going to continue to be America, monitoring the flow of money to and from suspected terrorists needs to be done under a clear and coherent set of rules.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Midnight at Governor Pataki's (NYT)

questionable editorials continue

Gov. George Pataki of New York and his aides have been frantically nailing into place questionable choices that will affect the way New York is being run for many years to come.

Human Rights Council (NYT)

liberals in america

While it is hard to feel optimistic about the United Nations Human Rights Council that includes Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, the problematic members only make up a fraction of the 47-member group.

A Look at Republican Priorities: Afflicting the Afflicted (NYT)

minorities and women hardest hit

At the same time that Republicans are fighting to exempt the richest estates from taxes, they are blocking a raise for the nation's poorest workers.

A Look at Republican Priorities: Comforting the Comfortable (NYT)

minorities and women hardest hit

The estate-tax cut passed by the House of Representatives would put $760 billion in new debt on the backs of Americans in the name of making a handful of extremely rich people even richer.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Addiction at City Hall (NYT)

fairy dust at the NYT

The jury is still out on whether Mayor John Fabrizi of Bridgeport, who recently admitted he used cocaine while in office, can continue to govern effectively.

Courage in Catalonia (NYT)

order your cheese sandwiches in spain

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero of Spain deserves credit for recognizing that a successful union allows all its groups to use and develop their languages, traditions, quirks and habits.

9/11 Memorial, Version 2.0 (NYT)

real relief would be to forget the memorial

a symbol for those who fight for their own importance

economizing tragedy, it's called

what can i get for it

The proposal for a truncated version of the memorial to the lives lost and changed on Sept. 11 should come as a relief to everyone who worried about the cost-cutting.

The Immigration Road Show (NYT)

a subordinating conjunction (eg. ``since'') wouldn't make sense, because it would have to justify the assertion

a conjunction leaves it to you to connect the dots they have mysteriously connected

leaves you with something that doesn't need justification but you might hurl the paper across the room in disgust of course

as normal people do in fact do

The American people deserve action on a good immigration bill, and if this do-nothing Congress won't give it to them, they should elect a Congress that will.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Emergency in the Emergency Rooms (NYT)

dreadfully unprepared prepares you better by not wasting money on things that haven't gone wrong

that leaves you free to deal with other things

which leaves you better prepared overall

economic idiots

for everything you do, there's something displaced that you can't do

The plight of America's emergency rooms underscores how dreadfully unprepared we are to cope with a major disaster like pandemic influenza or mass casualties from a terrorism attack.

Razzle-Dazzle 'Em Ethics Reform (NYT)

consult the NYT instead

The House ethics committee is preparing to set itself up as the arbiter of one-stop, conscience-free junket approval for gadabout lawmakers.

Iraq, Unfiltered (NYT)

the state department reads the NYT so the NYT is friendly to them

the picture relayed by the boots on the ground is even more unfiltered

a ``needs to'' editorial puts it in general liberal fog, like ``it's time to'' and ``it's time for,'' but is less condescending.

a softening at the NYT?

Now that he's home from Iraq, President Bush needs to take a hard, unfiltered look at the picture relayed by America's embassy in Baghdad.

The New Orleans Muddle (NYT)

hey, build the WTC memorial there, in memory of new orleans as well, and kill two birds

an underwater memorial is always impressive

the NYT will want public funds, of course.

It has been almost 10 months since Hurricane Katrina battered the Gulf Coast, and there is still no redevelopment plan for New Orleans.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Save Our SIPP (NYT)

the NYT should fund it if it wants it

make it a NYTSIPP foundation paid for entirely by your NYT subscription

why does it think taxpayers should pay for it

Congress should come up with the money to save a government survey that is arguably the best source of information on the effect of public programs that help the poor.

The Golden Revolving Door (NYT)

NYT astounded by results of big government

it still doesn't understand perverse side effects are the chief effects of direct action in any stable system

that's why it's stable

political evolution supplies us with stable systems, mostly

so, mostly, conservatives are right

There's one area in which the Homeland Security Department has excelled beyond anyone's expectations: creating a giant, expensive crop of government-trained consultants and lobbyists.

North Korea's Incredibly Bad Idea (NYT)

north korea playing the peace movement

nyt clueless as usual about this

If North Korea tests a long-range missile, it will be thoroughly bad for North Korea, for its region and for just about everyone else.

Clean Water at Risk (NYT)

risk means that you get to legislate about it

making your case politically threatens the universe

The United States Supreme Court issued a decision on wetlands whose main virtue is that it could have been much worse.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Black Power's Quiet Side (Peniel Joseph)

blacks as a group will get dignity when blacks as a group do something for whites instead of themselves

a fund for alleviating poverty of poor whites, for example

until then blacks as a group are buffoons

that's just a grammatical fact. the only dignity comes from being called on, addressed, to help another.

same thing applies to groups as groups.

it is not whites that deny blacks the dignity they feel is missing, but blacks, and only blacks can fix it.

``So do not believe the monster when he tells you he is monstrous because others treat him as monstrous. He is monstrous because he lets the task of becoming human wait upon how others treat him. - Stanley Cavell, _The Claim of Reason_ p.462

"Black Power" fueled the casually assertive identity and cultural pride that is part of African-American life today.

Fire Sale in the Forests (NYT)

pile on negatives until nobody knows which side you're on liberalism

they're against logging however

maybe too many negatives

who knows

people who live in wooden houses shouldn't throw matches

Thanks to the Bush administration's missteps, the task of selling a plan to stop protecting nearly 60 million acres of roadless national forest just got tougher.

The Call of the Gun Lobby (NYT)

stealth lede uses friendly term for police

gun grabbing indirection

The criminalizing of peace officers for swapping federal data beyond their narrow jurisdictions is only one of the provisions in a pair of treacherous bills quietly on the move in Congress.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Online Party Crashers (NYT)

corporations evil

not reporters though

A generation that has come of age with blogging, Webcams and social networking sites is waking up to the fact that would-be employers are looking over their shoulders - and adjusting their job offers.

The Unsettling of Upstate America (NYT)

ny is a high tax state

What is missing for young people in upstate New York is the one fundamental possibility: to stay home and build a good life where you were raised.

Phony Deficit Hawks (NYT)

fiscal discipline means increase taxes to the NYT, decrease spending to the conservatives

if you force one or the other you get increased taxes

it could mention that

If lawmakers were sincere about fiscal discipline, they would reinstate the pay-as-you-go budget rules.

A Long Road Ahead in Iraq (NYT)

gettysburg rhetoric quagmire

No upbeat presidential trip to Baghdad or flag-waving Congressional resolution can long divert attention from the sorry reality in Iraq.

The Art of the Deal (NYT)

lit. crit. at the NYT

Books should remind young readers that there once was a time when life was not entirely about shopping.

Keeping the Faith With AmeriCorps (NYT)

NYT volunteerism involves public funds

Only lately recovered from devastating budget cuts imposed by Congress three years ago, the nation's flagship program for volunteers, AmeriCorps, is again on the chopping block.

Where Did the Good Investments Go? (NYT)

profits deplored

Corporate America has been piling up cash for some time, yet business spending has not been particularly robust.

A Problem That Can't Be Ignored (NYT)

group hug called for

As bad as things are now with the Israeli-Palestinian situation, they can get a whole lot worse, and almost certainly will if the outside world averts its attention.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The State of Iraq: An Update (NYT, Kamp et al)

quagmire abhors a vacuum

Over all, it is increasingly hard to describe Iraq as a glass half-full.

Politics Begins at Home (NYT)

religion at the NYT

The nation is fortunate that a sudden attempt to kill one of the hallowed anticorruption reforms from the Watergate scandal was smoked out in the House this week.

Young? Bored? Win a Parliament Seat (NYT)

TV is where editorial ideas come from at the NYT

Russian politics is not exactly a model of democracy, but maybe, for those trying to interest young American voters, a political reality show might not be such a bad idea.

Islands Apart (NYT)

proof Bush is actually a liberal weenie

President Bush made exemplary use of presidential power Thursday when he made the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands a national monument.

The Don't-Bother-to-Knock Rule (NYT)

that moves the question back to the legislature, doesn't it.

where people can vote on it.

there's the objection of the NYT

The Supreme Court on Thursday substantially diminished Americans' right to privacy in their own homes.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bomb Attacks Kill 2 in Thailand (Wash Post)

nobody notices anything amusing in the name, especially not me!

One of the bombs went off at a government office in Yala minutes before Deputy Prime Minister Chitchai Wannasathit was due to visit the area.

The Journalist as Scapegoat (NYT)

reporters favored even over communists in NYT hierarchy

The treatment of journalist Zhao Yan is meant to remind journalists in China that nobody is really safe when reporting on matters of state.

Running Hoover's Railroad (NYT)

translation, it's losing money

normally bad ideas simply fail

subsidized ones live forever

Amtrak's problems are not bad management so much as stingy government.

A Leap of Faith, Off a Cliff (NYT)

separation of powers no problem

another ``time for'' editorial hides subject and verb

This is a time for Congress to finally hold President Bush accountable for his extralegal behavior and stop it.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Mark of the Bust (Martin Mayer)

a recession is forecast by a boom.

it goes in cycles.

so do all the indicators.

a recession is forecast by the last recession

after that, look for a boom

then a recession

a recession gets rid of what does not work

Recent large increases in foreign official holdings by the federal reserve banks could forecast a recession.

Detainees in Despair (Mourad Benchellali)

daytime tv

The worst torture in the United States military's prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is not physical.

Wrenching Changes on the Line (NYT)

not for ones without unions

The road back to prosperity will be a long and hard one for American automakers.

Worse Than Nothing (NYT)

seven warning signs of a good law

If senators are afraid to stand up to the chemical industry and pass a law to improve chemical plant safety, they should at least have the courage to do nothing.

Too Soon to Cheer in Baghdad (NYT)

gloomy editorials defended

After too many photo-ops, Americans hunger more than ever for a realistic game plan for Iraq and some real progress.

Monday, June 12, 2006

A Hole in the World (NYT)

better theories kill off worse ones except in politics where the opposite happens

To understand the history of life we have to understand the relation between evolution and the events that have altered its direction.

Someone Has to Find Facts in Paris (NYT)

more regulation needed to increase the importance of the NYT lobby

Congress will soon reaffirm its addiction to special-interest junketeering when it strikes a cosmetic deal on ethics reform.

Life During Wartime (NYT)

reading the times is entertainment

reading blogs gets you the news

nyt pretends the opposite

Reading the Iraqi bloggers who have been posting for The Times has helped to fill one of the big gaps in Americans' view of the war in Iraq.

Dirk Kempthorne Arrives (NYT)

pandering to green reader base

Dirk Kempthorne's chief task as the new secretary of the interior is to resurrect his department's long tradition of responsible stewardship of the public lands.

Some of All Fears (Paul Krugman)

see fellow NYT columnist Herbert below

Who are the "Some Democrats" who hate America?

Those Pesky Voters (Bob Herbert)

more tinfoil needed

hey bob, if the election is close enough to steal, then it's close enough to have been actually won by republicans

as control changes from the moonbat left to the republicans, more and more elections will be close until the moonbat left finally gets left behind by a large margin

with close elections, it actually doesn't matter much who is taken as winning, so long as the election is taken as final

the trend fixes it soon enough as the margins grow

it's not a crisis until one side says that elections aren't good enough, attempting to hold onto power for just a tiny bit of time longer at the cost of democracy itself.

that's where patriotism comes up, or its opposite.

The lesson out of Ohio on Election Day 2004 is that the integrity of the election process needs to be more fiercely defended in the face of outrageous Republican assaults.

Missing the Medicaid Fraud (NYT)

perverse side effects deplored

unfortunately they're produced by the program as part of big government dynamics

the liberal second idea : intervene again

The biggest Medicaid program in the country should also strive to be the cleanest.

Hard to Say Goodbye (NYT)

appliance of feeling

There is something sad about the spurned affection of a community for its company, the way residents of Newton, Iowa, feel about Maytag.

In Foreign Territory (NYT)

90% good idea chance : NYT distress indicator

One particularly distressing section of the defense authorization bill being considered by the Senate would reauthorize the Pentagon to arm and train foreign militaries.

Let Them Go Green (NYT)

public money proposed for editorial idea

If Washington is smart, it will throw its weight behind environmentally conscious investments by providing the necessary incentives, whether as loans, direct grants or targeted tax breaks.

The Deaths at Gitmo (NYT)

dots connected

The suicide of three inmates at Guantánamo Bay was the inevitable result of creating a netherworld of despair beyond the laws of civilized nations.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Poland's Bigoted Government (NYT)

polish gay jokes are back

Poland, which is now run by a right-wing nationalist government that seems intent on violating the rights of minority groups, beginning with an attack on gays.

Blind Man's Bluff (NYT)

an ``it's time for'' editorial from the armory of ``it takes more than'' postures.

they are calling for what? What is it time for?

focussing and enforcing

which means investigation and impeachment to their unconscious minds.

idee fixe, as Frank Rich loves to say, or anyway did before Times Select.

It's time for the Senate to stop rolling over and start focusing on uncovering the extent of the domestic spying and enforcing the law.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Our Heritage, to the Highest Bidder (NYT)

maybe the NYT can bid on them if they care so much

as usual their ideas are to be realized with somebody else's dollar

Americans should be worried about the impending auction of thousands of documents from the personal papers of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Million-Dollar House on the Hill (NYT)

a day of ``hoping'' editorial posturing! who says liberals are not optimists!

let's hope that government dysfunction isn't an essential component of liberal big government ideas!

a perverse side effect of good intentions.

what makes conservatives different from liberals is that conservatives know about perverse side effects and liberals don't.

after you've been governing for a few decades, pretty much all the problems that respond to direct action have been solved.

that leaves you with all the problems that respond to direction action with perverse side effects.

so conservatives are, as a result of this problem-Darwinism, usually correct.

Let's hope no rock is left unturned by federal investigators looking into the shady Congressional art of winning friends and dishing "earmarks."

Palestinian Peace Politics (NYT)

kill-the-jews worldview unmentioned

We hope the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, can succeed in forcing Hamas to endorse a two-state solution that would acknowledge Israel's pre-1967 borders.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Bloomberg, on Everything (NYT)

blog antipathy editorial

Mayor Michael Bloomberg may have just been waiting until he got the hang of the job before he let his inner pundit out and began commenting on national issues.

A Start on Research Cloning (NYT)

it's private funding

consider it for other things the NYT favors

Hats off to Harvard and the University of California at San Francisco for undertaking stem cell research that the Bush administration is trying to discourage.

What Passes for Good News (NYT)

gesture of disgust constitutes debate for the NYT and more particularly their reader base

Any day in which the House or Senate refrains from doing something destructive is about as good as it gets in Washington lately.

Death of a Terrorist (NYT)

it's cleft sentence week at the NYT

put the subject and verb where you can't find them and you get quagmire

As Americans discovered earlier, it will take far more than the elimination of iconic leaders to stem the tide of the Iraqi insurgency and reverse the country's slide into civil war.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Go Southeast, Young Man (Walter Isaacson)


New Orleans is now even a greater place to visit, because in addition to its old charms it provides the chance to see a fascinating civic revival.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sniffing Out Fake 'Prep Schools' (NYT)

transcripts are the fruits of the illegal drug trade

know your athlete

just say no

the way-it-should-be instinct runs unchecked by anything at the NYT

i propose an editorial apology section for editorials run the previous day when the staff was under the weather

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has been slow to deal with the problem of bogus "prep schools" that have been used for years to launder athletes' transcripts.

When Drug Firms Pay Off Competitors (NYT)

the seven warning signs of overregulation

Congress should try to find a legislative route to block unscrupulous drug companies from buying off the competition.

One Down, One to Go (NYT)

flag burning is the canary in the coal mine of free speech

we have the amendment to test that every year and affirm that free speech is safe.

editorial channels Max Schulman, by the way

Senator Harry Reid, the minority leader, should be rallying Democrats to join the small handful of principled Republicans willing to oppose a constitutional amendment banning flag burning.

A Power Vacuum in Iraq (NYT)

the cleft sentence gesture, or quagmirization

find the original subject and verb

It will take more than gestures for Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki's government to have a real chance of coming to grips with Iraq's overwhelming problems and sectarian divisions.

A Chance for Justice in Hawaii (NYT)

no casinos for pineapples

Native Hawaiians have a distinct identity and deserve the same rights as tribal governments on the mainland.

Somalia, Revisited (NYT)

prediction : this will not lead to any realizations on the left

Terrorist groups linked to Al Qaeda may just have won a new foothold in the strategic Horn of Africa, as radical Islamist militias captured Somalia's capital, Mogadishu.

Block the Vote, Ohio Remix (NYT)

exit polls should decide elections : NYT

The latest sign that Republicans have an election-year strategy to shut down voter registration drives comes from Ohio.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wi-Fi and the Cities (NYT)

diversion of taxpayer funds contemplated because of ``now''

Wide dissemination of Wi-Fi is not the future. It is now.

The Estate Tax, Back on the Agenda (NYT)

estate taxes can't be too high, morally speaking : NYT

There is no moral justification for cutting estate taxes.

Degrading America's Image (NYT)

editorial moral incredulity posture exercised

It defies belief that this administration is still clinging to its benighted policies on prisoners of war.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Die is Cast (Chuck Colson 6/5/2006)

heads I win tails you lose

Those who tell you that we do not need to amend the U.S. Constitution to protect marriage are either misinformed or are deceiving you.

Mr. Hevesi's Blunder (NYT)

gun control supported

Alan Hevesi, the New York State comptroller, should know better than to suggest that anybody would like to put a bullet between the president's eyes.

A Move to Save Coral Reefs (NYT)

endangered rocks

Anyone who has given thought to the pitifully fragile state of the oceans' coral reefs should have been heartened by the recent classification of two kinds of coral as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

Divide and Conquer the Voters (NYT)

NYT editorial targets gays

It was depressing in the extreme to hear President Bush trying to pretend, at this moment in American history, that gay marriage was a critical priority.

The Drug Benefit: A Report Card (NYT)

mysteriously, handout still imperfect

this calls for yet more intervention by smart people like us

perverse consequences are only accidents, not built into the idea

The new Medicare drug program has scored some real successes after a staggeringly bad start, but it seems to have left some beneficiaries worse off.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Ends Justify the Mean (NYT)

this from the women's newspaper

Retailers remember: One size still does not fit all.

Actual News from the Hardin Household con't

Vicki arrived 5/30 afternoon Puppy photo flood



Wrong Answer for Dropouts (NYT)

profit-making colleges attacked

There is no virtue attached to encouraging unprepared young people to tackle education programs that they have little chance of finishing.

A Hard Look at Haditha (NYT)

quagmire editorial

The public is entitled to straight answers on what went wrong at Haditha, Iraq, and who will be required to take responsibility for it.

Smart Answers to a Big Problem (NYT)

priority means ``do this too''

the universal resource allocator

more for everything!

who cares if it kills the economy

Latin America has made progress in providing universal primary school education in large part because governments made primary education a priority.

Missing the Primary Points (NYT)

moonbat liberal republican added

If there was a contest for openness during this week's New York political conventions, the Republicans won hands down.

Look to the States for Cleaner Air (NYT)

imagine if the task fell to even smaller units

Over the last few years, the states have done a better job of cleaning the air and protecting public health than the federal government has.

What Counts on Iran (NYT)

time for a hug

Whether or not Iran ultimately agrees to talk, the United States has already strengthened its hand with European allies, Russia and China.

Friday, June 02, 2006

An Idea Worth Throwing Back (NYT)

fishers of men

Anglers don't need creatine-enhanced hatchery trout. What we need are more wild trout in more wild rivers.

Two Important Rulings on AIDS (NYT)

the rule by smart people principle

By declaring that government may not use its spending clout to compel or coerce private speech, new decisions have vindicated an important constitutional principle.

Pork 1, Antiterrorism 0 (NYT)

money is not scarce, it's just money.

NYT wants more of it going to democrats

what else is new

Scarce antiterrorism money should be rigorously aimed at the places most at risk of attack, but the Bush administration and Congress have consistently refused to do so.

Global Stock Trading (NYT)

off the wall editorial

what could be going on?

ah, international regulation of stock trading.

smart people will decide things, finally.

can't trust the market.

An era of global trading could benefit from international exchanges.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Flagging Commitment on AIDS (NYT)

rallying the NYT base

The AIDS epidemic turns 25 this week, and while new infections are declining in a few countries, the number of infected is still growing, especially among young women.

Remaking the Memorial Foundation (NYT)

new NYT-reading board with public funding needed

If the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation can raise money for the memorial then it should do so. If it can't, then it's hard to say why it should exist at all.

On the Low Road to November (NYT)

unconstitutional AND mean-spirited

Republicans are trying to rally their far-right base for the fall elections with a mean-spirited sideshow threatening to the Constitution: a ban on same-sex marriage.

Afghanistan, Unraveling (NYT)

poorly thought-out editorial

Poorly thought-out American policies are at least partly to blame for Afghanistan's rising carnage.


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