``I must give him his due. He has considerably cretinized me.'' Lautréamont

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Homespun Injustice (NYT)

concern for principle

Even in New York’s tiny justice courts, defendants deserve protection for their basic legal rights.

Unfinished Budget Business (NYT)

time budgeted

Rather than make choices about spending levels for vital programs — and leave a record for voters to assess — Congress left town, promising to act after the election.

America’s Army on the Edge (NYT)

bathos achieved

nonspecific catastrophe predicted

liberal theory is : one step away to disaster

If we go on demanding more and more from our ground forces while denying the resources they so desperately need, we could end up paying a terrible price.

New York Takes on Trans Fats (NYT)

makes you liberal by clogging arteries

A worthy target, trans fat in New York restaurants is as ubiquitous as it is dangerous.

A Fresh Start for the Gunnison River (NYT)

new hope for bears

Discarding a controversial agreement concerning water rights in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River in Colorado was the right thing to do.

Fuel for Thought (NYT)

ban liquids

With a little cooperation, substantial reductions in airport ground pollution are within reach.

Out of the Mouths of Aides (NYT)

pot holes in Queens another one

We hope that President Bush will make the long neglected Israeli-Palestinian conflict a central priority for the remaining years of his presidency.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Iva Toguri, American (NYT)

regrettably not on the NYT staff during WWII to write anti-war editorials

A free, exonerated, exemplary American for more than five decades, Iva Toguri D’Aquino died Tuesday, still imprisoned by the myth of Tokyo Rose.

More Comfort for the Comfortable (NYT)

NYT was the recipient of an eminent domain taking for its new offices

It is remarkable how quickly House Republicans have pushed their principles aside to come to the aid of big real estate developers.

Political Drama in New York (NYT)

scandal means it's a Republican

While Jeanine Pirro, the Republican candidate for attorney general, has been the story of the week, a second campaign scandal involving Alan Hevesi, the state comptroller, deserves more attention.

When Hamid Met Pervez (NYT)

war needed

It will take more than a shared dinner at the White House to get the presidents of Afghanistan and Pakistan to think and say nice things about each other.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Prescription for a Stronger F.D.A. (NYT)

tradeoffs do not exist when it comes to vast new money flows and bureaucrats taking a cut

A new report wisely calls for a large increase in financing and personnel for this crucially important regulator of public health.

Mr. Buffett’s Excellent Idea (NYT)

get it out of US hands

a nuclear weapon bank too, so unstable dictators don't need their own program

Washington would do well to take a harder look at Warren Buffett’s proposal to set up an international nuclear fuel bank.

Rushing Off a Cliff (NYT)

tyranny of democracy deplored

if opposed by the NYT editors, probably a good law

In the name of fighting terrorism, Congress is set to pass a tyrannical law that will be ranked with the low points in American democracy.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Applied Science (NYT)

``it is a shame that'' even lower than ``nothing is more important than'' in priority

it alludes to something that lost


It is a shame that the recent attention given to early admission programs has been so short on facts and clearheaded analysis.

A Retreat on Carry-On Liquids (NYT)

ban on solids and gasses as well

The Transportation Security Administration should retain the near total ban on liquids and let the airlines supply passengers with ample beverages.

Passing the Buck to Mom and Dad (NYT)

insufficient crisis detected

health insurance in fact causes health care costs

no doctor can stay in business charging more than people are willing to pay, but can easily do so if somebody else pays

Laws that allow children to stay longer on their parents’ health insurance sap the political will for sweeping change to the nation’s health care system.

Shinzo Abe’s Asian Challenge (NYT)

``nothing is more important than'' added to ``needs to be'' and ``should be''

it seems to be of lower urgency, not part of an actual Democrat program

Nothing is more important to Japan’s prosperity and security than normal relations with its giant neighbor, China.

The Fine Art of Declassification (NYT)

squandering and shirking not mentioned

President Bush wants voters to focus on how dangerous the world is, and not on his utter lack of ideas for what to do about it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Where Congress Is Soft on Criminals (NYT)

2nd amendment deplored

House sycophants of the National Rifle Association are aiming this week to hobble the federal government’s power to revoke the licenses of rogue gun dealers who arm the underworld.

Playing Games With AIDS (NYT)

or they could spend the money somewhere else

If New Jersey continues to bar needle exchange programs, the state will pay a rising price in more H.I.V. infections, higher medical costs and lost lives.

Immigration Reform, in Pieces (NYT)

guest voters not registered

Republican leaders want you to think they are hard at work overhauling the broken immigration system. But don’t be fooled by the noise and dust.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Mark Steyn

alternative Longfellow

``The cares that infest the day shall fold their tents like Airedales and as silently steal away''

- James Thurber's mother

A few months ago, he briefly mused about nuking the Persians, but he's now folded like ... well, not like the Arabs and their tents

Due Process, Bulldozed (NYT)

in the empty room, no ptyx

also disturbing

The absence of concrete evidence against Iraqi journalists who have been held without charge by American and Iraqi forces is disturbing.

Do Unto Your Enemy... (NYT)

traditionally, the victor decides the rules

presumably this will apply in the future without a need for a rule about it


If America continues to erode the meaning of the Geneva Conventions, we will cede the ground upon which to prosecute dictators and warlords.

Blase Guardians at the Money Trough (NYT)

shirking is almost as bad as squandering

nearly a ``must be'' or ``needs to be'' editorial.

regulation should be involved, probably as grammmatical subject.

in short, level orange in the NYT editorial color code.

the unregulated speech detected level.

The Federal Election Commission continues to shirk its responsibility to rein in shadow party operatives who raise unregulated amounts of money for negative war chests.

The Roadless Rule Takes a New Turn (NYT)

anti-Bush wall hit

You have to wonder when the Bush administration is going to stop ramming its head against the same wall on forest policy.

Routine Testing for the AIDS Virus (NYT)

ugly old-queer stereotyping

Federal health officials took the right step last week when they recommended that all teenagers and all adults up to age 64 be tested for H.I.V. infection when they receive routine medical care.

Chemical Plants, Still Unprotected (NYT)

``outrage'' actually comes from French ``outre,'' beyond what is proper

it's made into a noun with the suffix -age

then English sees the -rage and thinks : what is beyond what is proper deserves rage - the word itself says so!

this is so useful that it was reimported into French, where the NYT got it, for its use in moral posturing.

It is outrageous that something as important as chemical plant security is being decided in a Congressional back-room deal.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Brake for the Cameras ... (NYT)

handwringing plus money

who can resist

Albany lawmakers need to further increase the number of stoplight cameras allowed in New York City.

Half a Reform for Judges (NYT)

large program with huge funding needed

Chief Justice Roberts has followed through on a pledge to increase the transparency of privately financed education-vacations for judges, but his chosen antidote is far too timid.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Regulating Hedge Funds (NYT)

more on the editors' 401(k)

It would be naive to think more shocks like the one last week at Amaranth Advisors are not in store.

Facing Facts on Iraq (NYT)

what does violence mean when the goal is victory? the NYT does not say

Americans need to know that growing violence, not growing democracy, is the dominant feature of Iraqi life.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Names on the Memorial (NYT)

ownership of the memorial is a political plum

you get to say what it serious and what is frivolous

like editors

The listing of victims’ names around the pools marking the site of the twin towers has reached an intensely emotional impasse.

Punishing Refugees Twice (NYT)

``They suffer still more!''

NYT editors drive fountain pens into their cheeks so as to more keenly feel their pain

The Patriot Act and its sister Real ID provision have inadvertently damaged America’s excellent record of giving refuge to the persecuted.

The Ultimate Agricultural Efficiency (NYT)

40% of the labor force used to be farm labor

was that a good thing? The good old days.

today a combine comes out once a year and harvests a complete cornfield in a day and is gone

A deal between the nation’s top two pork packing companies signals the future of American agriculture - do away with the farmer by doing away with competitive markets.

A Bad Court-Splitting Plan (NYT)

one of the seven warning signs of a good plan

the NYT false mantle complaint

man was not meant to tamper

Congress should not allow conservative, anti-environmental ideologues to tamper with the federal courts under a false mantle of reform.

Turning Back the Clock on Rape (NYT)

panties on head torture

The bill on jailing, interrogating and trying terror suspects contains narrow definitions of rape and sexual assault that must be fixed before Congress can responsibly pass the legislation.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Where Size 0 Doesn’t Make the Cut (NYT)

tits called for

Ending the parade of the starved and sickly seems like a fashion trend worth following.

Finished but Not Gone (NYT)

NYT lacks actual hit squad

It is time for Prime Minister Tony Blair to move on from British politics and make way for his presumed successor, Gordon Brown.

Back on Track in Space (NYT)

NASA sets NYT heart throbbing because of vast expenditures and huge bureaucracy involved

For the first time in years it seems possible that NASA may actually be able to finish the space station by 2010.

A Bad Bargain (NYT)

parliamentary procedure deplored

Less than an hour after an agreement on the military tribunals bill was announced, the White House was already laying a path to wiggle out of its one real concession.

Keep Christ Out of the Christmas Tree (NYT)

the menorah, the creche and the beheading sword to live together at christmas

A must-pass $500 billion defense budget should not be held hostage to an amendment that violates policies of religious tolerance.

Iraq’s Trials (NYT)

the suspect, as he's called

The trial of Saddam Hussein is likely to spawn more cynicism and division after the court’s chief judge was fired this week for allegedly being too sympathetic to Mr. Hussein.

Keep Away the Vote (NYT)

dead voter act

The Senate should not go along with a House bill that intentionally puts up barriers between eligible voters and the ballot box.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Retrograde Coup in Thailand (NYT)

like cuba

Military power grabs have punctuated Thailand’s recent history, and none have left the country better off.

The Pope’s Act of Contrition (NYT)

religious advice given

michael row the boat ashore

In the spirit of conciliation, the pope and other top Vatican officials must accept that genuine interfaith communication cannot occur on their terms only.

Outsourcing Ethics (NYT)

all-purpose ethics at the NYT

While Hewlett-Packard has a right to crack down on boardroom leaks, it has a responsibility to do so legally.

Rules for the Real World (NYT)

Guantanamo guest voter program

Congress needs to pass an effective law on the handling of prisoners that not only provides for legal military tribunals but also deals with the wrongly imprisoned men at Guantanamo Bay.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nature With an Edge (NYT)

`` "Nature! Nature!" I cried out, sobbing, "The sparrow-hawk rends the sparrow, the fig eats the donkey, and the tapeworm devours man!" ''

A new exhibition called "Ecotopia" suggests the fragile ecology of the place we live — the glory of what it is and the sorrow of what we have done to it.

Judicial Politics Run Amok (NYT)

conservative judge detected

To undermine the whole purpose of the court system by allowing special interests to buy judgeships, or at least try to, is the worst system of all.

Immigration’s Lost Year (NYT)

Democrat guest voters unregistered

The more talk you hear about border security the clearer it will be that hopes for effective immigration reform this year are past saving.

Take the Lead on Darfur (NYT)

NYT detects a trouble spot in the world

President Bush could make a difference if he devoted his speech to the United Nations General Assembly to the horrors of Darfur, and committed himself personally to stopping the genocide.

Monday, September 18, 2006

A Vote for a Smarter Census (NYT)

new way to secure Democrat House seats found

The Census Bureau has rebuffed critics who argue that the nation’s prison inmates should be counted at their homes instead of where they are serving time. But a new report makes the current method difficult to defend.

The Ghosts of Corruption Present (NYT)

more regulation means more interested citizens, what a surprise

perverse side effects unknown at the NYT

whereas perverse side effects are the chief effects of every liberal wish

organized systems kick back

One of the shabbiest shell games under way in Congress is the attempt to convince voters that lawmakers are curbing their corrupt relations with power lobbyists.

Teaching Math, Singapore Style (NYT)

more money for teachers' union proposed

incompetents work better if they're paid more

Until the U.S. bites the bullet on math and science education reform, we will continue to lose ground to the countries with whom we must compete in the global information economy.

A Real Test for the Palestinians (NYT)

squandering opposed

Hamas's admission of weakness could provide at least a chance to quell the violence and resuscitate peace talks. The Bush administration should not squander the opportunity.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Where Chutzpah’s No Handicap (NYT)

blithe chutzpah

like a writer using contradictory chracterizations

Kenneth Tomlinson, the patronage hack who blithely operated a horse-racing business from high federal office, shows a staying power more worthy of Dracula than Seabiscuit.

Who Bears the Risk? (NYT)

NYT editor's 401k takes a hit

The buying and selling of mortgage-backed securities has encouraged homeownership and created wealth. But there is a downside, too, which demands attention.

Bush Untethered (NYT)

rule-loving NYT foreign intelligence leak comes to mind

The president seems to maintain a deeply seated conviction that under his leadership, America is right and does not need the discipline of rules.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Killing Off the American Future (NYT)

country made great by teachers' unions

Unless we renew our commitment to the higher education policies that made the country great, we could soon find ourselves at the mercy of an increasingly competitive global economy.

The Pope’s Words (NYT)

a religion for adolescents

Because the world listens carefully to the words of any pope, Benedict XVI needs to offer a deep and persuasive apology for his hurtful speech.

Interior’s Internal Messes (NYT)

every liberal plan would work if it weren't for bad people

displacement and cognitive dissonance not studied in journalism school

The extent of the ethics lapses at the Interior Department came into sharper focus this week during some pointed testimony from the agency’s inspector general.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Everyday Low Wages (NYT)

moral high ground doesn't know about the fallacy of composition and its consequence, perverse consequences

all that matters to morality good intentions, to the feminized NYT

Despite a recent defeat in Chicago, proponents of living wages have the moral high ground, and are increasingly finding a political voice.

Stampeding Congress (NYT)

NYT defending a leak in the defense of their leak

the way you keep things from going wrong for you is to keep them from starting to go wrong

``American way'' refers to the hearty tradition of effete east coast leftism

Lawmakers are rushing to pass a bill on the treatment of terrorism suspects that would have minimal impact on antiterrorist operations but could cause profound damage to justice and the American way.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Extreme Tuberculosis (NYT)

more discipline is needed in using the ones you have

endless rabbit chase is all money buys

like every counterproductive leftist program

More financing is needed to catch up with new, extensively drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis.

Port Security Won’t Bankrupt Us (NYT)

executive salaries trump safety at the NYT

When it comes to homeland security, the Bush administration has repeatedly allowed corporate profits to trump safety.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sock Puppet Bites Man (NYT)

who knows what this is about

it can't be about the NYT, is all we can guess.

when forced into a business ethics seminar, I always raise my hand and ask if it's ever okay to lie. You might as well get some expert advice while it's free. Here it is from the NYT itself, the headquarters of ethical mush.

Intentionally deceiving readers is wrong no matter what technology is used to convey the misinformation.

Look Who Got a Raise (NYT)

more idiot economics from the labor union hall

hefty increases in wages and salaries is inflation, unless there's also hefty increases in productivity

bonuses and stock option wins indicate a jump in profits, which means a good economy with more transactions

each transaction raises the standard of living of the nation because both sides of voluntary transactions come out ahead

but it's gloom for the unions, which is what the editorial responds to

The big jump in labor costs in the first quarter appears to be driven by fat bonuses and stock options — not hefty increases in wages and salaries.

China’s Echo Chamber (NYT)

idiot economics at the NYT

the price falls to make it worthwhile

supply and demand

Trade officials and foreign business leaders need to warn Beijing’s leaders that a country that keeps a stranglehold on information is not a great place to invest.

Eliminating Early Admissions (NYT)


We hope other institutions follow Harvard’s lead and eliminate a process that is inevitably unfair.

Osama’s Spin Lessons (NYT)

NYT spins Osama for the world

Once again Osama bin Laden has beaten America at an American game: public relations.

Starting Another War (NYT)

imaginary neocon dropped

Let’s hope President Bush resists the siren calls of neocons who claim that a few air raids would make the Iranian nuclear menace disappear.

From Sacristy to Lockup (NYT)

syntax beheaded

No one knows the varieties of limbo being wandered these days by rogue priests the Catholic Church had to drop from service once its pedophilia scandal fully surfaced.

The Fictional Path to 9/11 (NYT)

rule not applied in NYT editorials

When attempting to recreate real events on screen, you do not show real people doing things they never did.

President Bush’s Reality (NYT)

imaginary telephones used in secret NYT foreign surveillance program

If a strategy to end the violence in Iraq exists, it seems unlikely that President Bush could see it through the filter of his fantasies.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The City’s No-Bid Deal for Schools (NYT)

the looney left is watching you, Mr. Mayor

We’re waiting to see how well Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his schools chancellor, Joel Klein, can make a questionable deal pay off.

Terrorism’s Grand Tour (NYT)

tragedies, not attacks

get on the same page, guys

The Op-Ed page asked writers who know some of the cities where terror attacks have occurred in recent years to describe the events and consider their aftermath.

Denying the Vote (NYT)

democrat voter rally via a ``needs to'' editorial

The Alabama Legislature needs to restore voting rights to Alabamians who have completed their prison sentences.

Three Weeks to Save Darfur (NYT)

still time for a strongly worded statement from the UN

At the end of this month, African Union forces, the only peacekeepers in Darfur, are scheduled to go home. That gives the rest of the world only three weeks to avoid a worsening tragedy.

Activism Is in the Eye of the Ideologist (NYT)

it takes only one

It is wrong to turn judicial activism into a partisan talking point, when the numbers show a very different story.

9/11/06 (NYT)

it's an attack, not a tragedy

but hence the NYT 9/11 solutions, all involving money flows from taxes to social programs

When we measure the possibilities created by 9/11 against what we have actually accomplished, it is clear that we have found one way after another to compound the tragedy.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Turkey at the Tipping Point (NYT)

variant of cow tipping

A renewed focus on Turkey is in the United States’ self interest.

A Ban on Carry-On Luggage (NYT)

keep passengers out of the cabin

The surest way to keep dangerous materials out of the cabin is to keep virtually all materials out of the cabin.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

When Doctors Hide Medical Errors (NYT)

also happens in journalism

see Buckley's complaint about NYT corrections, that they imply everything else was correct

Physicians seem reluctant to provide what patients deserve: an explicit acknowledgment of error, information about why it happened, and an apology from their doctor.

Breaking Down the Clubhouse (NYT)

NYT loses some lawsuit or other

New York’s current system of choosing judges through secret deals and old-fashioned cronyism corrodes the integrity of the legal system and diminishes the courts.

With All Deliberate Foot-Dragging (NYT)

republican scapegoats not found quickly enough

As chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Pat Roberts of Kansas has consistently tried to stymie the investigation into the prewar intelligence on Iraq.

Veterans of Sept. 11 (NYT)

the nyt editorial mind

we're not paying homage. we're remembering an attack that continues.

paying homage is the soap opera take, to maximize weepy viewership for advertisers.

god knows what happened on the second date

nationwide readership is uncurious about this nyt fact. ``let's pick a date out of the air''

a blank editorial might have been fitting, indicating that they don't think anything they might say is actually worth reading.

As we pay homage on Monday to those who died on Sept. 11, 2001, it is worth remembering what happened on May 28, 2002.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Other Fish to Fry (NYT)

gay lifestyle pushed


For the ocean’s sake, shun the tuna and embrace the carp.

Cashing Their Chips (NYT)

new low unemployment spoiled by prosperity

All the Jobs Creation Act accomplished was to hand companies a nice little present with a big, fat price tag and a misleading name.

Departure of a Pragmatist (NYT)

apparently a democrat

As head of the agency that oversees Medicare and Medicaid, Mark McClellan brought uncommon intelligence, good humor and dispassionate judgment to politically charged issues.

Lebanon’s Other Border (NYT)

solution offered

a passive ``must''

More must be done to police Lebanon’s border with Syria, the main route for Hezbollah’s arms.

Rated R, for Obscure Reasons (NYT)


If there are going to be movie ratings, they should be done through a fair and open process.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Opening Up the Club (NYT)

financial planning demonstrated

Any move that makes the International Monetary Fund look less like an old boys’ club is a good move.

By Any Other Name (NYT)

scotch whiskey recommended

It may take a Mulally to restore the Ford name to greatness.

A Sudden Sense of Urgency (NYT)

suspicion aired

dots connected

Two months before a Congressional election, President Bush finally has some real terrorists in Guantanamo Bay.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Vaccine Futures (NYT)

a liberal fix on a liberal fix

it will involve some bureaucracy and money

A new plan to entice companies into making vaccines for illnesses that mostly kill poor people.

Time for Answers (NYT)

first step in making Fitzgerald an agent of Bush

a displacement of what the NYT brings down on itself

It’s time for Patrick Fitzgerald to provide answers or admit that his investigation into the unmasking of Valerie Wilson has run its course.

The Other Victims of Sept. 11 (NYT)

yet more money to New York City

more money is always good

more more more

Congress and the White House need to make money available quickly for responders who were caught in the toxic dust at Ground Zero.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Editorial Observer: Once a Progressive State, Minnesota Is Now a Fief of the N.R.A. (NYT)

bad news for liberals


Are some states only steps away from requiring every citizen to carry a gun and use it when provoked?

The Lost Children of Haiti (NYT)

bored to death in school

Haiti has again become a hub of human trafficking with tens of thousands of Haitian children living lives of modern-day bondage.

It Was Fun While It Lasted (NYT)

good news

the only bad news is speculative

and even that bad news is supposed to be lower prices, not higher

With economic signals flashing that the housing boom is over, speculation has now turned to how deep the slump will be and how long it will last.

In Search of Accurate Vote Totals (NYT)

what needs fixing is the idea that you can recount until you win

take the first count and forget it

if it's that close, it doesn't matter which way it goes.

it only matters that the vote be final.

there will always be close elections.

but there won't be elections at all if the vote doesn't decide them.

Nearly six years after the voting disasters of Florida, there are growing signs that the country is moving into another presidential election cycle in disarray.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

California’s Condom Bill (NYT)

editorial typed with one hand

The California State Legislature passed a bill last month that would allow public health agencies to enter the prisons and hand out condoms to inmates who want then.

True Wilderness, and False (NYT)

strategic reserve of invisible squirrels

Under the radar, Congress has been quietly adding to the nation’s inventory of protected wilderness.

A One-Day Respite (NYT)

join a union

What we really need is Labor Week, a seven-day antidote to the very American habit of overworking.

Shutting Out Minorities (NYT)

start with carpet-bombing the teachers' union

New York City needs a kind of Marshall Plan for its middle schools, with the specific aim of producing more high-performing minority students.

Man in the Middle (NYT)

learn to ride camel


Many have noted how novelist Naguib Mahfouz helped Western readers understand the Arab world. But perhaps even more important, he helped the Arab world understand itself.

Snakes on the Brain (NYT)



There’s a deep connection between snakes and primates, one that may have shaped who we are — and how we see — today.

Fairs Enough (NYT)

meanwhile in boys' kindergarten we learn to focus the sun's rays with a magnifying glass


A state fair is a picnic that everyone’s invited to, an opportunity for all citizens to express pride in who they are and what they do and where they fit in the fabric of life.

Editorial Observer: To Grasp the Depth and Breadth of Disaster, Bike New Orleans (NYT)

but obey all traffic laws

remember bicyclists have all the responsibilities that motor vehicles do


Rebuilding is in part a story of neighborhoods, but more often it is that smallest subdivision, the block, that determines whether anyone has returned.

The Wrong Battle in Pakistan (NYT)

opposed by the NYT means friendly government

The government of Gen. Pervez Musharraf too often acts like a garden-variety military dictatorship.

A Senate Primary in New York (NYT)

analytic skill exhibited

The New York Times endorses Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic primary for senator.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Much Ado About Reading (Maureen Dowd)

Bushie bashing

The relentlessly black-and-white Bush could learn from Shakespeare’s riveting grays.

A Victory for the National Parks (NYT)

lefty control of lots of money recommended

gives what is called a bear market

It will take solid financing and rational leadership for the parks to survive in good health for another century.

Tumult Among NASA Advisers (NYT)

flow of funds in danger

NASA administrator Michael Griffin must look closely at whether the agency is losing anything valuable through his streamlining of the advisory structure.

The Lowdown on the Slowdown (NYT)

workers' retirement funds surge

A report of weakening wages and tepid job creation in August is welcome news to investors.

Mr. Bush’s Nuclear Legacy (NYT)

NYT notices a problem

it won't help

projection produces blindness

By the end of the president’s second term North Korea will have produced enough plutonium for 10 or more nuclear weapons while Iran’s scientists will be close to mastering the skills needed to build their own.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Boolah-Moolah Kickoff Time (NYT)

deploring brings in subscribers

With the addition of an extra game to the season, college football powerhouses are now paying top dollar to play weaker opponents in order to fatten their records, and university coffers.

AIDS Money Suddenly at Risk (NYT)

better use deplored

Renewal of the $2 billion AIDS spending program is in danger of becoming another demeaning pork-barrel competition.

From California, a Breakthrough (NYT)

NYT as reliable moonbat idea detector

California’s pathbreaking bill to reduce carbon dioxide emissions stands in bold and welcome contrast to the federal government’s reluctance to take aggressive action on climate change.

Which Iraqi Army? (NYT)

a first : a ``must'' editorial aimed at the iraqi government

still to come, advice for terrorists

Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki must choose to be either the leader of a unified Iraqi government or the captive of a radical Shiite warlord.


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