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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dangers of the D-Word (NYT)

d is for democrat

We might want to number the Great Depressions, as we do our Great Wars, or we might need some new scary words.

The Treasures of Joe Bruno (NYT)

the loose canon legal theory

New York’s attorney general should immediately start investigating whether public funds were spent illegally while the Republicans controlled Albany.

‘We’ll Take It’ (NYT)

district 99% democrat figures strongly in NYT constitional reasoning

Congress should pass a bill that would give the District of Columbia a voting member in the House of Representatives.

Dangerous Food (NYT)

seat belts on toilets

Congress and the Obama administration must finally make food safety a serious priority.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

People of Color

The reason ``people of color'' is inoffensive is that it's in a special register reserved for showing the speaker's intention not to offend.

``Why this odd phrasing? Ah, to be sure. It's the inoffending register.''

The oddness is needed as a mark.

More Annals of Global Greed Inc. (NYT)

paid off wrong leftists

Halliburton’s $579 million settlement in a Nigerian bribery case is hardly encouraging and should compel tighter scrutiny of the company’s Iraq failures.

Helping Workers in Hard Times (NYT)

multiplier effect

Forcing companies that are receiving money from the stimulus package to file employment verification for all workers lacks common sense.

A Record of Sacrifice (NYT)

make them into tools of the left

If President Obama’s commitment to greater transparency in government has any meaning, he will quickly reverse a policy that dishonors dead solders.

Sow Those Seeds! (NYT)

sow is a porkulus allusion

Perhaps in this moment of crisis it is time for another national home gardening movement.


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