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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stopping ‘Stop-Loss’ (NYT)

it's in the contract, and it's a volunteer army.

but a weaker military is always good.

The stop-loss program, which forces soldiers to remain in the military after their enlistments end, should only be used in unique circumstances.

Mr. Obama and the Rule of Law (NYT)

NYT salaries set

Some of the Obama administration’s statements on issues like state secrets and detainees sound a bit too close for comfort to the Bush team’s benighted ideas.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fresh Food for Urban Deserts (NYT)

vegetable stamps

Michelle Obama should add her powerful voice to local efforts aimed at bringing fresh groceries into poorer neighborhoods.

While Mr. Perry and Mr. Jindal Fiddle (NYT)

refusing and putting deplored

Republican governors who refuse federal aid rather than expand state unemployment insurance programs are putting ideology ahead of the needs of their constituents.

The Fed Does Battle, Again (NYT)

competence overlooked

This crisis is unlikely to turn around until President Obama is more forthright about the depth of the banking system’s problems and follows through on his housing plan.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Whale Road Nearby (NYT)

mammal budget threatened

Budget cuts on a program to listen to endangered whales in New York waters mean a loss of valuable research data and the possibility of putting the mammals in harm’s way.

It’s the Regulations, Not the Regulator (NYT)

zeal deplored

The financial crisis is not just the result of a missing regulator, but also deregulatory zeal that eclipsed rules and regulations — and the very will to regulate.

The Grievance Committee (NYT)

grammar crisis

by Gail Collins
Anger is in. Hope’s so January. And saying your mad doesn’t count, President Obama. Nor does constructively channeled anger. It’s like diet pizza.


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