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Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Soccer Scandal Made for Television (NYT)

metric football


Lurking ominously behind the exploits of Italy's World Cup team is the scandal that has engulfed Italian soccer for months.

Immigration — and the Curse of the Black Legend (NYT)

``haven't given it a thought'' sort of denial, the worst kind

but water flows backwards at the NYT


Our denial of America's early Spanish heritage is rooted in age-old stereotypes that still entangle today's immigration debate.

The Dead of Winter (NYT)

the sad story of sad people wrought in purple prose

sad sad sad

women eat it up


After Memorial Day, search and rescue season begins.

Editorial Observer: What Chief Justice Roberts Forgot in His First Term: Judicial Modesty (NYT)

freedom of the press is reserved to powerful parties


When real estate developers, wealthy campaign contributors and other powerful parties wanted help, Chief Justice John Roberts was more inclined to support judicial action.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

When a Stranger Calls (NYT)

most people divide by the population before trying to imagine consumer debt levels

the dark underside of editorials

As consumer debt in America balloons to previously unimaginable levels, currently $2.2 trillion and growing, the dark underside of abusive debt collection is growing along with it.

Signs of Life in Congress (NYT)

nyt obtains secret vow

Congress is vowing that it will not merely rubber-stamp presidential overreaching. Soon, Americans will get a sense of how seriously to take this newfound spine.

most useless comment anti-spam software award

Your comment was denied for questionable content. You said blogspot.com, which matched the banned text string blogspot.com, which has previously been used by a spammer.

Four Eyes and Two Whistles (NYT)

make it a UN function


FIFA should assign two referees to every World Cup game.

How to Be a Good Neighbor (NYT)

the algore effect

keep recounting until you win

if you can't win, claim that you did.

whereas what's important is that the election be final, not accurate.

the accuracy becomes least important of all when the election is close. it doesn't matter then. the electorate is split.

so you do a coin toss, in effect, and stand by the result.


The U.S. should urge Mexico to recount the votes in its presidential election.

Deficit Reduction Act? What Deficit Reduction Act? (NYT)

journalism? what journalism?


Could it really be that everything I learned back in junior high school about the basic workings of American government was wrong?

The Dry Half of the Country (NYT)

global warming

To an Easterner, the Westerners often say, "I wish you would share some of that rain you're getting." We'd be happy to exchange it for some of that sunshine.

A St. Petersburg Story (NYT)

russia isn't wealthy

it's in G8 so its feelings are not hurt

it's like calling the NYT a great newspaper

The leaders of the Group of 8 need to make it clear to Russia that membership demands not only the power of wealth but also a democratic government to go with it.

Global Warming and the Courts (NYT)

bureaucracies grow by encroachment

give it to the department of water

The Supreme Court case looking at whether the Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to regulate greenhouse gases is among the most important environmental disputes ever to come before the court.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Eager Helpers for the Gun Lobby (NYT)

need for woman trigger locks not pushed

The gun lobby cowed lawmakers in the House of Representatives into actually barring the use of federal funds to enforce an existing law that requires child trigger locks to be sold with all handguns.

Gay Marriage Setback (NYT)

no interstate commerce clause invoked

New York's highest court has harmed both the constitutional guarantee of equal protection and its reputation as a guardian of individual liberties by denying same-sex couples the right to marry.

A Recount in Mexico (NYT)

where was the NYT in 2000

when the election is close, for instance when power is changing hands and so you'll get a lot of them close in the process, it doesn't matter who wins, democracywise. It's 50/50 either way anyway.

What matters is that the election make some determination.

Undermining its finality in your own interests is treasonous.

If some party is corrupt and stealing elections, it just changes the 50% threshhold to 49%, but they'll eventually lose anyway. That's not a crisis for democracy. The election being indeterminate is.

While election officials for Mexico's presidential election need to do everything possible to assure voters the count was fair, the candidates must behave responsibly as well.

The Fragile Kennedy Court (NYT)

indication how bad the court had become, that it's still even on constitutional invention

Justice Anthony Kennedy had the power to make an opinion the majority on a striking number of cases in the Supreme Court this year.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ken Lay's Final Act (NYT)

or maybe a man was extinguished in court and a symbol died Wednesday, whichever sounds more profound, but something profound needs to be said for our readers

man or woman would be even more profound

100,000 other people died Wednesday too

An American symbol was extinguished in court; it was a man who died Wednesday.

New Jersey Shuts Down (NYT)

more taxes

It's time for Joseph Roberts Jr., speaker of the New Jersey Assembly, to fold his cards and agree to a compromise on the state's budget.

The Killing Fields (NYT)

excepting military solutions

The U.N.-Cambodian tribunal given the task of bringing those responsible for the "killing fields" of Cambodia to trial should be supported by serious efforts to ensure that such atrocities do not happen again.

Bad News on the Border (NYT)

guest voter program in peril

Something bad happened to the nation's debate over a serious reform of its immigration laws.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Evidence for Global Warming (NYT)

secret evidence

Published: July 4, 2006

There's no doubt pollution is heating things up, but some parts of the case are stronger than others.

To continue reading this article, you must be a subscriber to TimesSelect.

Hospital-Caused Deaths (NYT)

the point of hospitals is to define patients as patients needing what the hospital supplies, to help staff, not to help patients

deaths fit in very well in the routines

If the so-called 100,000 Lives Campaign has prevented even half of the needless hospital deaths it is claiming, the medical system is becoming a whole lot safer for patients.

Naming Names at Ground Zero (NYT)

fight over ownership of the problem

all of modern politics is the creation and taking ownership of ``public problems''

in ownership there is money

When it comes to the heated debate over how the names of the victims of the World Trade Center attack are to be placed at the ground zero memorial, we are simply puzzled.

North Korea's Folly (NYT)

call a committee to deal with it

North Korea has again shown itself to be a dangerous rogue actor, ignoring the almost universal pleas from other countries to refrain from a missile test that can only add to regional tensions.

The Shuttle Takes Off (NYT)

survival of the NASA bureaucrats actually

Big Space

The striking thing about the latest shuttle flight is that the most important task is simply survival — of both the vehicle and the astronauts who are riding in it.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Tax on the Sick (NYT)

eliminate tariffs on everything and you might eliminate poverty

what about protecting native medicine men though, product of colorful native tradition

The plan the United States, Singapore and Switzerland have proposed to the World Trade Organization that countries eliminate tariffs on medicines makes perfect sense.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Teachers Matter (NYT)

plan to bus unqualified teachers out of black neighborhoods

that'll work

why is every failed leftist plan followed by another failed leftist plan to fix it

To improve student performance, the states need to play a much stronger role in teacher training and certification — and in making sure that qualified teachers are evenly spread across their school districts.

No News Allowed (NYT)

nyt likes news media even more than communists

the barnyard peking order

China is proposing to take the art of censorship a step higher with a bill that would severely fine news media outlets if they report on "sudden events" without prior authorization.

Our Midsummer Pause (NYT)

humbug is characterized as worrying about what people think the thoughts are that you have

hence 4th of July humbug speeches

The signers of the Declaration of Independence had a lot on their minds, the least of which was our need, 230 years later, for a good midsummer holiday.

How to Educate Young Scientists (NYT)

science has been made female-friendly

how's global warming? big science-grant drives the politics

school taught by unions

in general, by the uncurious, which means the left

The United States could easily fall from its perch in the global economy unless it does something about the horrendous state of science education at both the public school and university levels.

Protecting All Waters (NYT)

swamp and muddy backyard intervention

Without Congressional intervention, the certain outcome of the Supreme Court decision on the Clean Water Act is endless litigation and a steady decline of the nation's streams and wetlands.

Crisis Postponed at the U.N. (NYT)

its heart is in the right place aside from the corruption

The United Nations steered clear of a financial shipwreck last week, but it also steered clear of approving urgently needed management reforms.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Scandal at the Coast Guard Academy (NYT)

where babies come from

Stories that emerged from the trial of a cadet are enough to make any reasonable person question how allegations of sexual misconduct are handled at the academy.

About Breast-Feeding ... (NYT)

father feeds half the time

While we hesitate to stir things up again, it seems as if breast-feeding is one issue where the middle ground makes the most sense.

The School Testing Dodge (NYT)

teachers' union boilerplate

The United States must move away from a patchwork system of school testing based on weak standards and a frankly fraudulent system of student assessment.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Moving Violations (Deborah Tannen NYT)

politically correct trucker : ``How long have you been a server, honey?''

The different ways of responding to public molestation can lead to different emotional reactions from women across cultures.

The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke (NYT)

nyt surprised that nobody believes the surgeon general

need for report on ink from newspapers on the hands

the second-hand ink menace

The new surgeon general's report on secondhand smoke should demolish any lingering contentions that inhaling the fumes from smokers is simply a nuisance that should be tolerated.

Watching Out for Wandering Data (NYT)

or they could just prosecute newspapers for treason when leaks are published.

It is becoming obvious that government agencies, and businesses, need better policies and practices for handling sensitive data stored on computers.

Don't Know Much About History (NYT)

don't know much about long division

the deficit as a percentage of the GDP is the number saying what the economy can support

the deficit of two countries separately is the sum of the deficits of the two countries together, yet it's the same percentage either way, and the same adequacy either way.

so mentally divide the US into East and West.

each has a deficit half as big. should it be alarming?

you don't know. you have to divide, to get a percentage. then you know.

similarly you have to divide in the case of a growing economy of a single country, to get this percentage indicator of health.

the left wants higher taxes (``smaller deficit'') to support yet more spending that they control, which is easier to swing than lower spending (``mean spirited'') to do the same thing.

another unmentioned but vital effect, that there's a tax rate that produces the maximum revenue, and if we're below it, raising taxes raises revenue, and if we're above it, raising taxes reduces revenue. no liberal will accommodate this in their argument, because it introduces side effects. side effects are fatal to liberals.

conservatives are about side effects. that's why they're mostly reformed liberals.

it doesn't go the other way, except for cases of senile demential.

To imply that the current budget gap is comfortably within historical norms because it's not as bad as the worst deficits in modern memory is, to put it politely, a stretch.


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