``I must give him his due. He has considerably cretinized me.'' Lautréamont

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Competing in the Money Marathon (NYT)

more regulation advocated

the first step in seizing power is to invent a ``public problem''

the next step is to take ownership of it

the next step is to declare that the debate has already happened and it's time for action

the next step is seize a cut of the funds that flow to it

If nothing else, the disheartening frenzy to raise huge campaign donations in this front-loaded presidential race is making money a public issue.

A Green Deal on Coal (NYT)

fight against global warming declared

after ten years, global warming has not been defeated

after ten years, billions of dollars have been spent and the government has published a hundred thousand pamphlets ``You and the fight against global warming.''

those dollars and those pamphlets will absolutely be considered to be output, not input.

see John Gall, _Systemantics_ ``Orwell's Inversion''

it happens in every system

An ambitious buyout deal for TXU, a Texas utility, is already being hailed as a pivotal moment in the fight against global warming.

Coming Soon, Maybe: An Iraqi Oil Law (NYT)

always refuse federal funds when democrats are around

An oil law should be one of the benchmarks Washington insists on as a condition of continued support.

Government by Law, Not Faith (NYT)

living intent supported

A case before the Supreme Court could have a broad impact on whether the courthouse door remains open to ordinary Americans who believe that the government is undermining the separation of church and state.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You Want Some Truth With That? (NYT)

one clue is that you're gaining weight

New York’s effort to compel fast-food restaurants to list calories alongside menu prices is essential to helping people make healthful decisions.

A Bad Report Card (NYT)

the news from nyt editorials is not good

The news from American high schools is not good.

Game With No Winner (NYT)

nostalgia is the nyt foreign policy

``Catch the Illegal Immigrant,'' a game being played on college campuses from Michigan to Florida, is almost enough to make us nostalgic for streaking and sitting on flagpoles.

Canada’s Move to Restore Rights (NYT)

human rights are not supported by human rights, but by violence, when violence is the threat.

Lawmakers have only to look to Canada’s Supreme Court for easy-to-follow directions back to the high ground on basic human rights and civil liberties.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Editorial Observer: Why Have So Many U.S. Attorneys Been Fired? It Looks a Lot Like Politics (NYT)

it's a political office

otherwise voters could never start things over and you'd be stuck with weirdo prosecutors for life


Three theories are emerging for why these well-qualified U.S. attorneys were fired — all political, and all disturbing.

The $145 Billion Question (NYT)

professional jealousy

New York’s workers and retirees are suddenly depending on a novice to manage an investment pool far larger than those supervised by Wall Street’s top money managers.

Moving Kosovo On (NYT)

quagmire alert

The international community and NATO — having invested so much in Kosovo — must continue to stay deeply involved.

A Necessary Vaccine (NYT)

sex discrimination

State legislatures should require that all young girls be given a new vaccine to prevent cervical cancer and genital warts.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

History Swims in the Bronx (NYT)

written by a woman

The goal of guaranteeing the richest diversity compatible with human presence is what we should strive for, and the presence of a beaver in the Bronx River is a sign of at least partial success.

Real Tests for Real Children (NYT)

what favorite union is not mentioned in this editorial?

the educational arm of the democratic party

Instead of moving toward the educational excellence that the country needs, many states have opted for dumbed-down tests and deliberate sleight of hand to create the fraudulent appearance of progress.

The Truth About Coal (NYT)

life-giving carbon dioxide. ask any plant.

Right now, everyone is using the atmosphere like a municipal dump, depositing carbon dioxide free.

Al Qaeda Resurgent (NYT)


Modern weapons today are too dangerous to allow in the hands of groups large enough to work serious damage. That's the lesson of 9/11.

Retaliation is not the point. Prevention is.

Groups large enough to work serious damage leave financial trails, have informers, and so forth. So long as they're pursued and harassed no matter where on earth they try to operate, they're kept from growing big and organized enough to work serious damage.

This means that the point is to make everyplace on earth hostile to those large groups.

It does not mean eliminating groups, but keeping them from operating. This means keeping them below the critical organized size.

Ineffective groups will always be there. Al Qaeda or otherwise.

Despite years of costly warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq, America today is not significantly closer to taking down the command structure of Al Qaeda.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Protecting All Students (NYT)

constitutionally protected freedom of taunt threatened

According to the New Jersey Supreme Court, public school districts are liable for damages if they fail to take reasonable steps to stop prolonged anti-gay harassment of a student by another student.

Better Pay for Judges (NYT)

money buys top leftists

Capable, independent and impartial judges are essential to the workings of American democracy.

Misguided Missiles (NYT)

civility proposed to tone-deaf bush

The Bush administration’s tone-deaf plan to station parts of a missile defense system in Eastern Europe and Moscow’s snarling response show that all sides could use a refresher course in diplomatic sense and civility.

Tuning In to One Company (NYT)

look urged

We urge regulators to take a hard look at the satellite radio companies’ proposed merger before leaving the field in the hands of a single player.

Friday, February 23, 2007

A Visit Worth the Time and Money (NYT)

why does this not apply to intangible programs that the nyt always favors?

If government had a department of irony, the mammoth, ever more expensive and still uncompleted Capitol Visitor Center would be renamed the People’s Debt and Deficit Walk-Through Memorial.

Profiteering Colleges (NYT)

not much profiteering at the new york times company recently

Congress must do more to ensure that scarce federal aid dollars are legitimately spent and not gobbled up by for-profit diploma mills that bilk the government and students alike.

Damaged and Adrift in the Shadows (NYT)

anything more complicated than victim suffering is too complicated for propaganda

perhaps they are proud to be soldiers?

The shameful neglect at Walter Reed Army Medical Center is more proof of how America’s leaders are failing the nation’s warriors in this disastrous war.

Trapped on an Airplane (NYT)

kidnapping laws inadequate

Congress needs to ensure that passengers have the right to escape involuntary confinement, to be adequately fed and cared for, and to receive timely and accurate information about their prospects for taking off.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The End of the Alliance (NYT)

colony not established, contrary to British tradition


The British gave up trying to win their war in southern Iraq a long time ago, and they probably accomplished as much as they could.

Editorial Notebook: Keeping Bees Among Us (NYT)

bee flu


Few things are more depressing than opening the lid on a hive and finding that the colony inside has died.

Mortgage Insecurities (NYT)

continuing doom foretold

If the bankers, investors and regulators who populate the global financial markets are not already anxious, they should be.

Britain Cuts Its Losses (NYT)

victory, defeat identities exchanged

The announcement that Britain will be withdrawing up to 1,600 of its 7,100 remaining troops in Iraq can’t be welcome military or political news for President Bush.

American Liberty at the Precipice (NYT)

prisoner of war go home free card

Congress and the Supreme Court should act quickly and forcefully to undo the grievous damage that the Military Commissions Act has done to the basic freedom of habeas corpus.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One Troublesome Word (NYT)

nyt isn't age appropriate for grownups, either.

A tempest has been brewing over a children’s book that contains a word some find naughty and unsettling.

That Sinking Feeling (NYT)

sinkholes aren't an indication of infrastructure problems.

they're events like earthquakes, that simply require repair.

It comes out of the operating budget, not the capital budget.

What you have to watch out for is repair trucks swallowed by assholes.

That comes out of the political budget.

When sinkholes start swallowing repair trucks, it’s a pretty good bet that it’s time to pay attention to the country’s infrastructure.

Charade in Jerusalem (NYT)

secretary of state crushed by modals in subordinate clause.

beyond the capability of rappers!

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s diplomatic default came at what just might have been a moment for breaking the stalemate that has prevailed since Hamas won control of the Palestinian Parliament last year.

Shielding the Powerful (NYT)

political justice system proposed

Tuesday’s decision overturning a punitive damage award against Philip Morris is another disturbing sign that the current court is more concerned about — and more willing to protect — the powerful than the powerless.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

NASA Goes Deep (NYT)

the science is gone, if they're employing girls

females can't sustain the interest in the delusion of importance that drives males single-mindedly to progress

a social life is preferable.

she's planning a relationship


We are finally ready to slip the bonds of low Earth orbit and make our way into space, this time to stay.

Letter From California: Looking for the Pattern of Ordinary Life (NYT)

feelings examined


What I find myself looking for in Los Angeles is a sense of dislocation. And what I’ve come to realize is how closely dislocation and a sense of the ordinary are linked.

Sniff and the Flu (NYT)

traditional family supported

A new study finds that a certain nasal spray does a better job of protecting young children than a standard flu shot, which would be a boon for parents.

Mr. Spitzer’s Chance on Warming (NYT)

quality of NYT science acumen matches quality of NYT economics acumen

The chances that Washington will finally address the problem of global warming would be better if Gov. Eliot Spitzer committed New York to the cause.

Moral Waivers and the Military (NYT)

marketplace bombings supported

The Army is handing out guns to people who have committed serious crimes, posing a danger to other soldiers and to the innocent civilians they are supposed to protect.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Don’t Fall for Hot Pink Camels (NYT)

oral sex prevents breast cancer

A new attempt to woo women smokers can only be viewed as another cynical blow to public health.

Making Martial Law Easier (NYT)

obscure bulwark threatened

A provision quietly tucked into the enormous defense budget bill at the Bush administration’s behest weakens two obscure but important bulwarks of liberty.

New York’s Bully Governor (NYT)

populism loved

Gov. Eliot Spitzer is just what New York needs right now — a governor strong, smart and articulate enough to break up the Albany cartel.

Patron of African Misgovernment (NYT)

enviroweeniedom trumps dictator-loving

If you run an African country and have some natural resources to put in long-term hock, you’ve got a friend in Beijing ready to write big checks with no embarrassing questions.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Illegitimate Complaints (NYT)

maybe the name is Dutch


The Anna Nicole Smith story hardly represents a more depraved morality than the ``dignified silence'' that surrounded deviations from the family values and marriage customs of the past.

The Suburban Life: Running Into Fences (NYT)

democrat youth vote


If a barreling teenager knocks over a wooden fence and nobody is there to capture it for YouTube, is he still an idiot?

They Are America (NYT)

illegal alien pets undesireable

Hopelessly fixated on toughness, the immigration debate has lost its balance, overlooking the humanity of the immigrant.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Future of Farming (NYT)

convenience store aid is next

We are hoping the new Congress will have the good sense to reverse the policies that have done so much damage to rural America, and in doing so offer hope to its small farmers.

Humpty-Dumpty Housing (NYT)

price controls needed

The slump in home prices from the end of 2005 to the end of 2006 was the biggest year-over-year drop since the National Association of Realtors started keeping track in 1982.

Smile, You're on N.Y.P.D. Camera (NYT)

editorials videotaped too

The New York Police Department has more and more overstepped its bounds by routinely and indiscriminately videotaping demonstrations of every kind, even peaceful ones.

On to the Hard Part on Iraq (NYT)

leftist argument involves violence, curious fact

the right talks about determination

We welcome the House of Representatives' long-overdue attempt to shake some sense into President Bush with a resolution opposing his decision to send another 20,000 combat troops to fight this disastrous war without any plan to end it.

On Presidential Coinage (NYT)

Clinton goes on the $2 coin

The new presidential coin series will be a four-times-a-year reminder that not everyone who makes it to the White House belongs on Mount Rushmore.

Protecting Those Who Speak Out (NYT)

the compound noun moral quagmire again : whistle-blowers and wrong-doers

go together like rock and scissors

In a vote this week of bipartisan unanimity, the House government reform committee offered whistle-blowers fresh hope with a much needed measure to protect them against official retaliation.

The Autoworkers' Pain (NYT)

are unions mentioned?

the protection racket becomes the protectionism racket

Global competition is not the whole cause for the car manufacturers' problems, just as the answers are not to be found in protectionism.

Indonesia's Avian Flu Holdout (NYT)

allah will take care of them

or they could take up western medicine

Indonesia has raised a valid point that needs to be addressed: if a pandemic should strike, poor countries would be left without protection.

The New Congress Confronts Iraq in 12-Hour Swatches (NYT)

voters notice republicans are insufficiently republican, democrats take over

the swing democrats were pretty republican


The scene in Congress seems more like a symptom of the disconnect in Washington about the war's tragedy that voters underlined last November, rather than an antidote for it.

Needed Fixes for No Child Left Behind (NYT)

give the money directly to the children and it would do better

as it is, it's all siphoned off by adults

No Child Left Behind is unlikely to succeed unless Congress strengthens the law and puts a lot more money behind it.

Minimum Wage, Minimum Tax Cuts (NYT)

if labor costs more, they use less of it, regardless of taxes

A bipartisan House bill to raise the minimum wage while granting modest tax cuts to small businesses is a reasonable response to the Senate's refusal to move forward without tax cuts.

Not Supporting Our Troops (NYT)

NYT on drugs

you go to press with the drugs you have

It is a shame, if not an outright scandal, that American troops will have to wait until the summer for the protective armor that could easily mean the difference between life and death.

Robert Moses, Builder, Left Behind His Power Tool (NYT)

got anything you want welded, dear?


Even though Moses has been out of power for a long time, the governmental apparatus that he wielded - the public-private hybrid known as an authority - is still mostly intact.

A Shameful Prosecution (NYT)

probably jewish

Michael Chertoff, the homeland security secretary, should finally declare an end to the 20-year-old legal tale of two Palestinian men.

Congress and Self-Reform (NYT)

special interests are interests too

The practice of lawmakers creating secondary ``leadership'' kitties to sock away extra money from lobbyists and other special-interest donors should be banned.

The Lesson of North Korea (NYT)

nyt not in on the plan, i'd wager

We hope that President Bush learns the most basic lesson of this week's deal with Pyongyang: sometimes you really do have to talk to your enemies, even if you have to grit your teeth.

The Courage of Others' Convictions (NYT)

nobody looks to hollywood for guidance

i'm off there on the right and buy Dixie Chicks stuff because i like it

don't take it as a political endorsement

if anything, they're the stupidest women i've ever heard, not that everybody does well in public forums.

The music industry awarded an armload of Grammys to the Dixie Chicks on Sunday night. The endorsement was about three years too late.

Doctors Who Fail Their Patients (NYT)

code for abortion

A new survey has revealed that a disturbing number of doctors feel no responsibility to inform patients of treatments that they deem immoral or to refer them to other doctors for care

Unmatched Destruction (NYT)

an economist would look at construction incentives and welfare disincentives

The recovery along the Gulf Coast and particularly in New Orleans is going too slowly, and there are steps the government can easily take to speed the process.

Iran and the Nameless Briefers (NYT)

why the NYT is not President

Before things get any more out of hand, President Bush needs to make his intentions toward Iran clear.

What W. B. Yeats's ``Second Coming'' Really Says About the Iraq War (NYT)

slouching towards eng. 101

the course that prepares journalists as experts

they read each other's stuff

What has no end is Bush's determination.


Yeats's bleakly apocalyptic ``The Second Coming'' is fast becoming the official poem of the Iraq war.

Appalachia Redux (NYT)

Sen. Robert Byrd memorial steamroller

A five-year renewal for the Appalachian Regional Commission is in order.

A Battle Over Prisons (NYT)

i'd propose reduced hours

Gov. Eliot Spitzer of New York took on one of the state's most powerful special-interest groups when he proposed a commission to determine which of the state's prisons should be closed. It's a battle worth fighting.

Passing the Buck on Health Care (NYT)

warped priorities deplored

President Bush's new budget would extend the administration's warped priorities deep into the realm of federally supported health care programs.

Jesse Hamilton for City Council (NYT)

so vote otherwise

In a diverse field of 10 candidates waging a campaign to succeed Yvette Clarke, Mr. Hamilton, a city tax assessor running on the Family Values and Money Matters party line, stands out.

Decoding the Debate Over the Blackness of Barack Obama (NYT)

what leftist apologists fail to recognize is that they're fighting over money, not identity


The hue and cry over Barack Obama's identity stems from a failure by black traditionalists to recognize multiracial versions of themselves.

A Very Partial Palestinian Peace (NYT)

a committee solves everything

what they're channeling but not recognizing is that victory solves everything.

you defeat them.

The creation of a coalition cabinet might make peace with Israel more imaginable - if there is a lot more compromise from Hamas and a lot more diplomatic help from Washington.

T.R.? He's No T.R. (NYT)

economic law is regularly defied on the pages of the NYT

For six years, President Bush has pursued an across-the-board antiregulatory crusade aimed not only at undoing Bill Clinton's environmental legacy but also at weakening bedrock economic law stretching back to Richard Nixon.

An Instructive Moment (NYT)

union thugs

A meeting of an organization of New York public school parents this week turned into a lesson in how a school system can go wrong in trying to win parents' trust.

The iNanny Alert (NYT)

revenue enhancement deplored

One New York politician wants to hand out fines of $100 or so for anyone crossing the street while using an electronic device.

Bad Faith on Social Security (NYT)

the NYT is wrong as usual.

Bush is wrong, too, however.

There's no actual problem with SS. All that has to happen is that the retirement age for receiving benefits has to rise with longevity.


Problem solved.

Don't reduce benefits, just raise the age.

What the program is good for is an inflation-adjusted annuity so that you cannot outlive your savings.

Most people will die early. Many will wind up needing it. That's how it's an insurance policy. The risk is spread.

There is so much money involved that everybody has some other interest, however. This requires some leadership, and, even before that, some understanding.

That may be too much to expect.

Either President Bush still hasn't figured out that private accounts are a political nonstarter, or he's hoping to use them as a bargaining chip in future negotiations.

The Build-a-War Workshop (NYT)

the lesson of 9/11 was that we've reached the point when something has to be done about modern weapons and disgruntled groups

in particular, the groups have to be hunted and pursued by every nation on earth, so that they cannot grow to a size that can pull anything off

smaller groups escape detection but are unable to do major mischief

bigger groups are detected and wiped out

one state sponsor was Iraq, so we got rid of that. Almost a free shot.

As long as they want to fight us in Iraq, fine. We fight anywhere.

Pulling out is not the goal. The war will continue, in Iraq or elsewhere.

That's the lesson of 9/11.

A report by the Pentagon inspector general has finally confirmed that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's intelligence office cooked up a link between Iraq and Al Qaeda to help justify an unjustifiable war.

Another Bad Idea From the Kremlin (NYT)

strongly worded letter required

Editorial expresses dismay over Russia's talk of new OPEC-like cooperation with Iran on sales of natural gas; says Russian Pres Vladimir Putin needs to play by international rules regarding energy and understand that Russia needs Western expertise to develop its oil and gas resources

The A.B.A.'s Judicial Ethics Mess (NYT)

conflict of interest is the pulley on which good character is hoist into public view

Editorial finds serious deficiencies in proposed code of judicial conduct by American Bar Association; says bar panel adopted weaker rules on judicial impropriety and reversed itself only after receiving public attention; says rules on recusal and expense-paid judicial seminars also need strengthening; urges bar to defer voting on proposed code of conduct until bar president appoints independent committee to review provisions

A Matter of Fair Play (NYT)

information deplored

Editorial praises Securities and Exchange Commission's decision to examine whether employees at major Wall Street banks have been leaking information to their favorite customers, like hedge funds; says Congress should pass legislation to regulate hedge funds

Making Democracy Credible (NYT)

the only elections there's confidence in is ones Democrats win

recount, if not, until you do.

they lack the honor that was intuitive to even Nixon

Editorial applauds Sen Dianne Feinstein's push for bill requiring voting machine paper trails and her call for federal investigation into disputed Florida Congressional race; urges Congress to pass paper-trail bill to restore voter confidence before Presidential election of 2008

The Tragedy of Lisa Nowak (NYT)

time of month

Editorial on attempted murder charges against Capt Lisa Nowak as tragedy for astronaut and her family, but also for cherished image of astronauts as superior individuals who can cope with stresses that might crumple rest of us

A Member of the Club (NYT)

NYT sinks into bankruptcy

Editorial on New York Legislature's choice of Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli, longtime member of Albany's inbred club, as state comptroller; sees setback for legislature already considered one of worst in nation; hopes DiNapoli, apparently chosen for his ability to get along, will show integrity and independence need to audit the well-connected.

The Fog of Accountability (NYT)

not to mention bullets flying

Graphic revelations of billions of dollars in American taxpayers' money that has disappeared into fog of unmonitored war in Iraq; quotes accounts of Paul Bremer's provisional authority doling out duffle bags full of cash, some $12 billion, to dodgy ministries

Mr. Bush's Improbable Budget (NYT)

curiously, the deficit is reduced, almost as if growth were spurred by reduced taxes.

a thought that cannot be thought.

Pres Bush's new $2.9-trillion budget request is smokescreen for making his tax cuts permanent and either hollowing out government in process or digging nation deeper into debt

Government Inside Out (NYT)

you can't fire government workers

you can simply replace the contractor, or not hire anybody at all

if they don't fill a need at the needed price, they disappear

that's why.

The decision whether to use government workers or outside contractors should be dictated by cost, rather than ideology or political favors.

Playing Politics with Justice (NYT)

clinton replaced them all

it's a political office

The American justice system would be seriously damaged if United States attorneys were stripped of their independence.

It's the War, Senators (NYT)

nothing noticed on 9/11 , move along

America went to war without nearly enough public discussion, and it needs more Senate debate about Iraq this time around, not less.

Editorial Observer; Challenging the Mullahs, One Signature at a Time (NYT)

problem with islam discovered


In Iran, where the law values a woman's life at only half the price of a man's, Shirin Ebadi will not be quiet, and she is urging other women to find their voices

The Price of Corn (NYT)

subsidies almost discovered!

instead, they discover shortages

mental block of the left

Gratifying our two major appetites - cheap food and cheap gas - used to seem easy because both corn and oil were abundant. But we are entering a new dynamic now.

The Comptroller Choice (NYT)

the NYT is against it, so it's probably good

New York's Legislature appears poised to make a highly irresponsible decision about one of the state's most important offices.

A Vaccine to Save Women's Lives (NYT)

penetration fantasy

Congratulations to Texas for becoming the first state to require vaccinating young schoolgirls against a sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer and genital warts.

The Other Defense Budget (NYT)

the point of the poor is that they're useless

This nation cannot afford costly jobs programs disguised as defense and the wasteful weapons projects promoted by an army of well-connected Washington lobbyists.

Moving Toward Greater Drug Safety (NYT)

beware the passive of ``need''

need with nobody needing

The Food and Drug Administration is making encouraging moves to strengthen its regulation of drugs. But the changes fall far short of what's needed.

Editorial Observer; On Race and the Census: Struggling With Categories That No Longer Apply (NYT)

political correctness moves on to new categories

you could, of course, return to a simple head count instead.


There seems to be an emerging consensus that the system of racial classification that has dominated national politics and the census for nearly two centuries should be dropped altogether.

Good Election News From Florida (NYT)

mandatory democratic party-line voting

Florida, famous for doing so much wrong in its elections, is poised to take two very important right steps.

A Bleak Assessment on Iraq (NYT)

try reading some embedded blogs, to escape the soap opera story-line you guys live off of.

There isn't much encouraging news in the new National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq.

A Billion-Dollar Election Warning (NYT)

unregulatd by the left

Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain have already signaled their intentions to make a shameful and lucrative retreat to private fund-raising.

Wrong Model for Afghanistan (NYT)

odd they don't stumble to the correct solution, legalize drugs

the profit disappears, as does the crop, and the organizations that thrive on it

Afghanistan needs to wage a far more effective fight against opium trafficking if it ever hopes to achieve a stable peace, but Colombia is not the model to follow.

The Price of Citizenship (NYT)

a tax not loved because it falls on foreigners

Proposed fee increases for visas and citizenship papers would become a means test for new Americans, slamming the door on many people who desperately want to be part of this country and have much to contribute.

At Humanity's Doorstep (NYT)

declare a public problem and take ownership of the flow of funds

a result from sociology

A distillation of the best peer-reviewed science, Friday's report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change expresses near certainty that the problem of global warming is man-made.

Enter Police Recruit, Underpaid (NYT)

NYT editors overpaid

It is jarring to think that New York City's newest police hires are being forced to work for the pauper's sum of $25,100.

A Rare Bill in Congress (NYT)

naked babes

The House omnibus spending bill now heads to the Senate as that rare piece of legislative sausage devoid of expensive, toothsome pork.

Crashworthy Motor Vehicles (NYT)

heavier cars proposed

For everyone's safety, consumer advocates and vehicle insurers should press hard for the strongest possible tests and standards.

The Governor's Health Plan (NYT)

free money discovered

put sick old people to work in schools

Gov. Eliot Spitzer's plan to freeze Medicaid payments at current levels for hospitals and nursing homes looks like a responsible way to free up money for a huge increase in state aid for education and other proposals.

APPRECIATIONS; Ryszard Kapuscinski (NYT)

one wonders what a NYT writer means when he mentions good journalism.

short men do not call anybody ``tall,'' lest people wonder what they call tall.


Mr. Kapuscinski belongs to the very heart of the journalistic enterprise because he was such a sound critic of it.

Better Security for Judges (NYT)

concealed carry not suggested

The House should join the Senate in passing a much-needed bill to protect federal judges from physical attack.

Ulster's Last Holdout (NYT)

there's no editorial respect for any group that doesn't do video beheadings

If the Rev. Ian Paisley, the fiery Protestant preacher, continues to live in the past, the promise of self-rule in Northern Ireland will be postponed indefinitely.

A Bipartisan Trade Policy (NYT)

what good is reading the NYT if they're right sometimes? you can no longer just do the opposite.

apparently labor unions have been tossed over the side, except government employee unions of course. no trade effect there.

The White House and the new Congress still have a chance to create a bipartisan consensus on trade. For the good of the American economy, and for the good of the world's poorest nations, they should seize it.

Indefinitely Grounded (NYT)

editorial mind at work

Delays at the gate are a hassle, but extraordinary delays on planes can be dangerous for the handicapped, chronically ill, elderly or small children.

Governor Spitzer's Pivotal Budget (NYT)

high tax state, is what they get.

Mr. Spitzer wants to turn away from a financial system that rewards political favorites to one that focuses on what regular people actually get when New York spends a stunning $120 billion.

Full Disclosure of Back-Scratching (NYT)

the only things worse than back scratching and foot dragging are whistle blowing and wrong doing

the compound noun moral quagmire

There are signs that House Democrats are foot-dragging on the keystone of their promised lobbying reform.

Bullying Iran (NYT)

good idea not recognized

If President Bush isn't careful, he could end up talking himself into another disastrous war, and if Congress is not clear in opposing him this time, he could drag the country along.

Editorial Notebook; Growing the Winter Tomato (NYT)

new yorker meets deadline in grocery store


What we eat out of season has been machined to withstand the rigors of the supply chain and produced in ways that only our ignorance can sustain.

Mixed News for Wolves (NYT)

editorialists have shown little interest in perverse consequences

Two of the states that will assume responsibility for managing gray wolf populations have shown little interest in protecting them.

Iraq's Refugees (NYT)

how about free newspapers

However President Bush tries to manage the endgame of his dismal war, America has an obligation to the Iraqis whose lives it has upended.

Honesty in Elections (NYT)

prison proposed except for editorials

A bill that would make deceiving or intimidating voters a federal crime with substantial penalties should be passed by Congress unanimously.

A Day Without Guns (NYT)

bucolic native american bow and arrow proposed

Fortunately, a Florida newspaper has given residents of the state a look at their representatives' gruesome handiwork on concealed weapons.

One Horse Dies (NYT)

animal enslaving and humiliation deplored

they can't be admiring joy in one's work!

Barbaro's death was tragic not because it was measured against the races he might have won, but because of what every horse is.

Canada's Good Example (NYT)

canadian bank accounts for terrorists supported

Canada set an important example of decency when it offered an apology and compensation to a Canadian citizen who was a victim of President Bush's use of detention, deportation and torture in the name of fighting terrorism.

A Faith-Based Fuel Initiative (NYT)

faith is not a weak form of knowledge, except in global warming.

President Bush asked the country to take it on faith that a new measurement system, combined with technological advances, would lead to annual automobile mileage improvements.

Editorial Observer; Congress, the Constitution and War: The Limits on Presidential Power (NYT)

let there be 550 commanders in chief and a hundred committees.

that should do in the republicans! then the masses can finally rule. briefly.


President Bush doesn't seem to care that Congress wants a bigger role in guiding the Iraq war.

A Public Memorial (NYT)

I suggest computer parts stores.

The WTC replaced radio row, let the modern equivalent return.

Ground zero cannot be turned into a private memorial.

The True State of C.S.I. Justice (NYT)

guess what, there's type I and type II errors!

competence lies in the tradeoff

where the tradeoff is, is what we vote on

some people take one for the team, no matter what.

Modern DNA testing is steadily uncovering a dark history of justice denied.

23-Month Campaign (NYT)

remember that it's all soap opera all the time in the news media

If Hillary vs. Obama vs. Rudy vs. McCain is already starting to feel old, remember that there are more than 600 days to go.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Humor Unites All Cultures

``Slaughter is the best medicine.''


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