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Friday, November 25, 2005

Study: More CO2 Now Than Last 650K Years

press release is an important part of science today

funding and prestige are on the line

our understanding has been improved so many times that you wonder about the previous press release about improved understanding

it must have been really bad understanding once

yet there was a crisis even then, the same crisis.

why? because funding is the entire point

improved understanding is what brings money

so improved understanding is what you get.

peer review worked, when it used to work, by curiosity.

some old fart is actually interested in this or that result, and doubts it, or sees a problem with it, and looks into it.

no committee is involved

no funding

just curiosity.

which is lacking today entirely ; everything refers to previous committees and consensus.

you get these referrals precisely because they cut out curiosity.

nobody can be interested in it.

there's nothing to be curious about.

functioning peer review is killed entirely.

so you get what you always get with social organizations

the organization always perpetuates itself.

intra-system goals come first.

hence press releases.

The study by the European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica, published Friday in the journal Science, promises to spur "dramatically improved understanding" of climate change, said geosciences specialist Edward Brook of Oregon State University.


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